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Buildings uploaded for January 2, 2008

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Manhattan Financial Plaza

Taiwan Leader Enterprise Tower 1

Da-Yuan International Building

Da Yuan International Building located at the end of the glamorous spot "Love River" in Kaohsiung City. The building was once on hold due to the economic crisis of the Da Yuan Group, but now it's back on construction and about to open in 2008.

Dinyu Art Museum Garden

Dinyu Art Museum Garden is a twin tower high-rise resident building located at the first array of Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum. It is hold by Dingyue Group as the standard of Mansion building with great environment and sky view. The 2 buildingds are separated into A building and B building which are contructed in order in 2007.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Atarim square

The Atarim square is a multi level entertainment and tourism complex built in 1975 by the well known Israeli architect Ya'akov Rechter. The square, which was very popular during it's first years of existence has been neglected and abandoned during the years and is now waiting for a major renovation plan to take place. The square contains two hotels, The exclusive Carlton Tel Aviv hotel and the Marina budget hotel. A big discoteque named the "Coluseum" used to reside in the round concrete and glass structure on the plaza. few restaurants and shops still resides in the small shopping center in the main structure.

Sheraton Moria Hotel

The Sheraton Moria is a 18 floors hotel built in 1972. It is located on the waterfront of Tel Aviv's beach, next to the main tourist atractions of the city. The Sheraton hotels chain has 2 more hotels in Tel Aviv.

Crowne Plaza Hotel

The Crowne Plaza hotel is a 18 floors hotel located on the waterfront of Tel Aviv, close to the main tourist atractions in the city. It is located between the Sheraton Moriah and the Reinesance hotels.

Renaissance Hotel

The Renaissance Hotel is a 18 floors hotel on the waterfront of Tel Aviv. It is located close to the main tourist atractions of the city and near the Sheraton Moria and the Crowne Plaza hotels.

Osaka, Japan

Grand-Suite Nakanoshima Tower

Umeda Ventilation Tower

Dortmund Germany

Dortmund Brackel (Teil 1)

50 Häuser des Brackeler Hellwegs in Dortmund. Der Hellweg ist ein alte Handelsstraße, die von Duisburg nach Paderborn führte und die alten Hansestädte miteinander verband. Ursprünglich ist diese Verbindung ca. 5000 Jahre alt und stammt noch aus vorrömischer, germanischer Zeit. Dortmund, Soest, Münster und Osnabrück waren die wichtigsten Hansestädte in Westfalen.

Nürnberg, Deutschland

Kaiserburg Nürnberg - Palas, Kapelle und Heidenturm

The Palas is the main representative building of the castle and was the centre of imperial power. Apart from the repair after the destruction of the World War II the current gothic building was build in the years 1440-1442. Before there was a romanesque Palas, which was built around 1200. In the north-west closes the so-called "Kemenate" (womens-building). Today it´s the castle museum. The east of the Palas subsequent romanesque double-chapel and the allocated Pagantower was built in the late 12 century probably under Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and his successors. The term "Pagantower" dates from the early 16th Century, when the existing typical romanesque wall decorations was interpreted as "pagan" images and statues and were largely removed. At the lower floor of the tower are still some parts of this wall decorations preserved. The external castle-walls falls much deeper to the ground than can be displayed in Google Earth.

Kaiserburg Nürnberg - Fünfeckturm. Burgstallung und Luginsland

The eastern part of the castle, consisting the "Fuenfecktürm", "imperial stabling" and the tower "Luginsland" is located in the former Burggrave´s castle. The "Fuenfeckturm" is probably the oldest surviving building in Nuremberg. It was build in the middle of the 12th Century and originally was donjon of the Burggrave´s castle. The "fifth" corner is a triangular reinforcement to the offensive side. Between "Fuenfeckturm" and " Luginsland" (built in 1377) was built 1494/95 the "imperial stabling" as a grain storage building by Hans Behaim. Today the building serves as a youth hostel. The north wall of the buildings falls much deeper into the moat than can be displayed in Google Earth.

Wrocław 3D

Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wrocławiu - Centrum Naukowe

Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wrocławiu - Centrum Naukowe The Wrocław University of Enviromnent and Life Sciences - Science Centre Wydział Inżynierii Kształtowania Środowiska i Geodezji Faculty of Enviromnental Engineering and Geodesy

Sofia, Bulgaria

Appartment building zspsso

Auto Showroom

Istanbul, Turkey

Incity A4 A5 A6

Ávila, Spain


Paris, France

Barre Gérard de Nerval (Mazda) - Paris XVIIIème arrdt

L'enseigne lumineuse Mazda vous est peut-être familière, elle est vue par plus de 270 000 personnes par jour, sur le périphérique entre les portes de Saint-Ouen et de Clignancourt. L'immeuble en lui-même a été édifié dans les années 1960 par Raymond Lopez et réhabilité aux alentours de 1991, mais une nouvelle réhabilitation est en cours. Cet immeuble est noirci par la pollution du périph. 120 mètres de long, 11 de large, 11 étages. Désolé pour la qualité des façades, mais il n'y a aucune photo de cet immeuble sur Internet, j'ai du faire avec ce que j'ai trouvé, c'est flou :S Merci

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Magere Brug

Belém - Brazil

Metropolitan Tower

Santiago of Chile

Tower Industry

Lima, Perú


Westin Hotel Lima

Looks like we have another city to add to Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome…

McMinnville Tennessee

Farrar, Holliman and Medley Attorneys in Downtown McMinnville, TN

This historic home is the location of Farrar, Holliman and Medley Attorneys. The model was produced by Google for Main Street McMinnville's 3D Downtown Project

First United Methocist Church

Magness Library

Formally known as the William H. and Edgar Magness Community House and Library, the building stands on the corner of North Chancery Street and West Main Street in Downtown McMinnville. It serves as the public library for Warren County. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It recentloy received a new addition and a complete renovation of the interior. Beginning in January 2008, 20 new computers wil be available to the public with full on-line access. For more information about the library offering, please go to www.magnesslibrary.com. The model was created by Google for Main Street McMinnville's 3D Downtown project.

Miami, Florida

Mellon Financial Center

The Mellon Financial center is located in Miami Florida. At 31 floors, it is 430 feet tall. This building is actually two buildings connected by a raised courtyard. At the west end of the block is the J.W. Marriot Hotel. This hotel has a grand entrance off Brickell with square columns, giving it a modern look. On the east end of the block is the Mellon Financial building. This building is somewhat simple with tall curved glass accented by white stone. Between these two towers, atop a parking structure there is a large outdoor area with landscaping and private gathering spaces. Model Created by Adam Hecht.

Bank of America, 701 Brickell

The Bank of America building , located on Brickell Avenue in Miami, Florida. This building was one of the ten tallest buildings in Miami at it’s time of construction in 1986. It is 450 feet tall, and 34 stories. The building is rentable office space, with over 677,000 square feet in total. This building is commonly goes by its address, 701 Brickell Avenue, as there is already a Bank of America Tower north of this building. The building is covered with granite and reflective glass, and accented by huge shiny metal columns on the west side. Model created by Adam Hecht.

St. Louis, Missouri

Old City Hall

The Old City Hall's design was inspired by the City Hall of Paris and Chateau de Chambord in France's Loire Valley. After a design competition, construction began in 1890 and completed 14 years later. In 1906, the large clock above the Tucker entrance was installed and was later renovated in 2001. Pink granite and pink-orange Roman brick adorn the exterior with sandstore surrounding the window openings. The roof tiles are red clay. During renovations in the middle of the 19th century, Mayor Dickmann wanted to create red, white and blue "City Hall" signs above the entrances, but the City Art Commission refused and instead engraved the stone with the title. Model by Catherine Moats.

Lemp Brewery

Adam Lemp, an immigrant from Germany in the mid-19th century, was a proprietor of a small mercantile in St. Louis which he then closed when he began brewing beer. Lemp Brewing Company was one of the first to commercially produce beer in America, and was undoubtedly the first in St. Louis. In 1864, William Lemp purchased began the construction of a completely new brewing complex near 13th and Cherokee, which still stands today. Model by Catherine Moats.

Missouri History Museum

The Missouri History Museum is composed of the historic Jefferson Memorial Building and the newer Emerson Center. The Jefferson Memorial Building was built between 1911 and 1913 with proceeds from the World's Fair in 1904. It was built at the site of the main entry to the fair, which commemorated Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase. The Emerson Center, opened in 2000, includes renovated and expanded areas of the museum, providing auditorium, classroom, exhibition, and restaurant spaces. Model by Catherine Moats.


TV station KMOV, "News 4 St. Louis" and its radio sister station KMOX are located on Memorial Drive in downtown St. Louis. As an affiliate of CBS, the broadcasting stations air local news to surrounding areas. Model by Catherine Moats.

Drury Plaza Hotel/International Fur Exchange Building

The Drury Plaza Hotel in St. Louis combines the American Zinc Company Building, the International Fur Exchange Building, and the Thomas Jefferson Building. The Fur Exchange building was due for demolition, but was interrupted when Charles and Shirley Drury bought all three buildings on the block. The American Zinc Company Building was built in 1967 using a Vierendeel Truss system. The International Fur Exchange Building was built in 1920 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. The Thomas Jefferson Building was built in 1959 and was damaged during demolition, but repaired when acquired. Model by Catherine Moats.

Wainwright Building

The Wainwright Building by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler marks the beginning of the modern skyscraper. As the building was finished in 1892, it demonstrated a revolutionary way of approaching skyscraper design. Adler and Sullivan used the column as inspiration: the lower floors acted as the base, the middle floors like the shaft, and the frieze and cornice like the capital. Sullivan also employed his unique style of ornamentation, helping to create visual unity that spans the entire height of the building. Model by Catherine Moats.

Scottrade Center

The Scottrade Center is the home of the St. Louis Blues ice hockey team. The arena was built in 1994. It was previously known as both the Kiel Center and the Savvis Center. Many different events take place here other than ice hockey including concerts, professional wrestling, basketball, and other sporting events. It seats up to 20,000 people.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fort Duquesne Bridge

A double decker steel arch bridge with a span of 122 meters, crosses the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh. The bridge was constructed between 1958 and 1963. The bridge was opened to traffic six years after its completion, because of the lack of northern ramps. During that time the Fort Duquesne Bridge earned a nickname 'The Bridge to Nowhere'.

Fort Pitt Bridge

A double decker steel arch bridge spans 229 meters over the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh. The bridge is designed by George S. Richardson and was built between 1956 and 1959. It carries two 4-lane decks of Interstate I-279.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

USS New Jersey Battleship

New York City, New York

111 Eighth Avenue

111 Eighth Avenue was built in 1932 as the Port Authority Commerce Building. It is the third-largest building in New York City with 2.8 million square feet. New York's Google office is located here along with many other large companies including MCI, Sprint, Level 3, Qwest, and many more. Model Created by Jordan Van Wyk.

Williamsburg Bridge

The longest suspension span in the world from 1903 to 1924, connects Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City. The bridge is designed by Henry Hornbostel and engineered by Leffert L. Buck and Holton D. Robinson. The construction started in November 1896 and finished in December 1903. The main span is 488 meters, two meters longer than the Brooklyn Bridges previous record span. The bridge deck was originally designed for four traffic lanes, six trolley or subway tracks and two pedestrian lanes. Massive stiffening trusses were designed to keep the deck steady in wind and support the six rail tracks. Four of the track lanes were converted to road lanes in the 1920s. The center span is suspended from four 48 cm thick cables that consist of 7,696 individual wires each. The side spans are unsuspended and held up by truss supports. Four new towers and additional steel were added in the 1910s to support the side spans which were beginning to sag under the increasingly heavy traffic and subway cars. Since the 1980s, the bridge has undergone a thorough reconstruction to repair the damage caused by decades of lacked maintenance. Currently on average 110,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day.

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