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Buildings uploaded for September 28, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Shanghai, China

The Bund Waibaidu Bridge

Built in 1907, The Bund Waibaidu Bridge, called Garden Bridge in English, is a steel bridge on Suzhou Creek in central Shanghai, connecting the Huangpu and Hongkou districts where the Suzhou River flows into the Huang Pu. The present bridge is a steel truss bridge with two spans. It is 106.7 metres long. There are currently three north bound lanes with a total width of 11.2 metres, and two pedestrian walkways each with a width of 3.6 metres. It was the first true steel bridge in China and the only surviving example of camelback truss bridge in China. With its rich history and unique design, the centennial Waibaidu Bridge is one of the symbols of Shanghai and its modern and industrial image, and may be regarded as the city's trademark bridge.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

This is my BEST BEST BEST model I have ever made. This model is of Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. One of the major cricket stadiums in Pakistan. I don't know that when it was built but I know that Flood-lights were fixed here in 2001. This model took me 1 and a half week. Because I was learning some new modes of modelling in SketchUp by watching help tutorials. Now I think that i am totally capable to create a nice stadium. So I will surely model some more stadiums in other cities of Pakistan. Ok, enjoy using this model and please, rate it for sure. To contact me, email at ahsan.iqbal93@gmail.com.


August-Kühne-Haus Bremen


Das Tivoli-Hochhaus ist ein 53m hohes Hochhaus mit 16 Etagen in der Nähe des Bremer Hauptbahnhofes. Der Name geht auf das ehemalige Tivoli Haus, das um 1890 an dieser Stelle stand. Heute befindet sich in dem Gebäude unter anderem das Bremer Sozialamt. Die Jacobs Reklame auf dem Dach ist weithin zu sehen und nachts von Einbruch der Dunkelheit bis 3Uhr erleuchtet.

Avilés, Asturias, Spain

Sociedad de Desarrollo La Curtidora Avilés

Centro de Empresas en la restaurada fábrica de curtidos la Maribona, año 1901. This building was an old tannery shop, nowadays it is rehabilitated as an Enterprises Centre

Las Estrellas

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Schiphol Plaza

The main hall of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Temuco, Chile

Annb house

Caracas, Venezuela

Hotel Four Season

Seattle, Washington

Park Place

San Jose, California

HP Pavilion

Located in San Jose, California The HP Pavilion (a.k.a. The Shark Tank, or The Tank), is an indoor arena capable of hosting hockey, basketball, concerts, arena football, and indoor lacrosse. HP Pavilion opened in 1993, under the ownership and management of the city of San Jose. The arena is home to the San Jose Sharks of the NHL, and the San Jose Sabercats of the AFL.

Paseo Villas

Paseo Villas is a condo project in downtown San Jose. Paseo Villas is located on the south side of San Fernando St, between 3rd St and 4th St in downtown San Jose, diagonally across from the Fourth Street Garage, and directly across 4th St from the New King Library at the edge of San Jose State University.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One Sherway Condominiums

One Sherway Condominiums is a two-tower high-rise residential development in the western Toronto suburb of Etobicoke, near Sherway Gardens Mall. Developed by Menkes/Great Gulf Homes.

Looks like a new city has been added to Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome…

Nouméa, New Caledonia,

Kiosque, Nouméa

Hotel Isle de france, Nouméa

Colonial House, Nouméa

Marché municipal, Nouméa

Ses cinq stalles hexagonales coiffées de tuiles bleues sont reconnaissables de loin. Elles bordent Port Moselle. Les pêcheurs y débarquent directement leur poisson frais. On y trouve tous les fruits et légumes produits localement, des fleurs, ainsi que quantité d’autres produits du pays. Ce monde animé et coloré est aussi le rendez-vous des artisans qui proposent toutes sortes d’objets de bijouterie fantaisie ou de décoration. Les habitants de la ville s’y retrouvent traditionnellement pour acheter leurs produits frais et pour le plaisir de se rencontrer.

Mocambo Hotel, Nouméa

Pacific Sun port

Hotel place des Cocotiers, Nouméa

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Buildings uploaded for September 27, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Osaka ,Japan.

Kenporen Osaka Central Hospital

Groning, The Netherlands

BE Quality - ICT & DESIGN

Arequipa, Peru

Edificio del Arzobispado

Adelaide, South Australia

13 Grenfell Street (Adelaide)

Davenport, Iowa

The Rivercenter

The Rivercenter is a meeting and convention facility which has 100,000 sq. ft. meeting space including the space in the adjoining Adler Theater. The north building was built in 1983 and the south building was completed in 1993. There is a skywalk which connects the two buildings and is part of the skywalk system which connects the Blackhawk Hotel, Adler Theater, Mississippi Lofts, The Rivercenter, Mid-American Energy Building, Radisson Hotel and a parking ramp.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Centro is a twin-tower high-rise residential development project located in the city centre of the eastern Toronto suburb of Scarborough. To be developed by Henderson Development (Canada) Ltd, the Canadian arm of the major Hong Kong real estate developer. It will be their first project in Toronto.

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Buildings uploaded for September 26, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Shanghai, China

No.29 The Bund, Banque de l'Indochine Building (1914)


Kirche der Ev. Hohentorsgemeinde Bremen (www.hohentor.de)

London, England

Shakespeare, Cromwell & Lauderdale Tower, London

Shakespeare, Cromwell & Lauderdale Tower are all part of the Barbican estate in the City of London. All 3 buildings stand at 123.77m and have 43 floors (except Cromwell Tower wich has 42). Cromwell Tower was built in 1973, Lauderdale Tower in 1974 and Shakespeare Tower in 1976. As of 2007 the 3 buildings are the tallest residential buildings in London and second in the UK, after Beetham Manchester.

No. 1 London Bridge

No. 1 London Bridge is an office built in 1986 with 13 floors. The building stands at 51m tall and has a 10 storey, 39.6m tall section connected to the main building.

Lima, Perú

propuesta - Sky Centro de Finanzas

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Senator Diner and mural

Exterior of The Senator Diner, located in Toronto, Canada, with adjoining structure that housed the former Top O' the Senator jazz bar. The south wall has emblazoned upon it the Senator mural, painted in 1987 by Toronto muralist Bill Wrigley.

The 500

The 500 Condos is a high-rise residential development project located at 500 Sherbourne Street in downtown Toronto. To be developed by Times Group Corporation.

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Buildings uploaded for September 25, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Osaka, Japan

Meiji Yasuda Life Osaka Umeda Building

Santiago, Chile

Monumento a Baquedano

An obelisk ubicated opposite to Telefonica's tower and Italy's square

New York City, New York

Governor Alfred E. Smith Houses

Complex of twelve 17 storey apartment buildings was constructed in 1953 and includes 1,931 apartment units. They are designed by Eggers & Higgins and are the southernmost housing project along the East River in Manhattan.

Washington, D.C.

Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial is located in Washington, D.C. as a monument to honor the American Civil War General and President of the United States Ulysses S. Grant. The statue faces west from the base of Capitol Hill, and is looks towards the Washington Monument, and over the National Mall.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Market Wharf

Market Wharf is a proposed mixed-use residential and retail development for the St. Lawrence neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. The site is located just south of Toronto's famous St. Lawrence Market.

East Bayfront Plan

The East Bayfront is part of WATERFRONToronto's plan to revitalize former industrial and port lands along Toronto's central waterfront, transforming them into mixed-use residential and commercial neighbourhoods. The 22-hectare East Bayfront area will be transformed into a neighbourhood for 7,000 residents, while providing 8,000 jobs and a 1.5 km waterfront promenade. This massing model is based on the East Bayfront Precinct Plan Report.

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Buildings uploaded for September 24, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.


Tokyo World Trade Center


Die Hohentorskirche in der Bremer Neustadt - Ev. Hohentorsgemeinde Bremen

Braunschweig, Germany

05-15 BBS IV

05-18 BBS III

01-21 technisches Rathaus

01-02 Media-Markt


Un progetto per lo stadio "Alberto Picco" della Spezia – ITALY

La mia personale idea (o sogno?) per il nuovo stadio "Alberto Picco" della Spezia, home of the Spezia Calcio. Lo stadio sorge sopra una grande struttura in cemento armato che racchiude il nuovo sottopasso di via Fieschi e un grande parcheggio sotterraneo. Il grande piazzale all'interno del quale sorge la struttura risponde alle nuove normative e permette un rapido deflusso degli spettatori. Le tribune, strutturate su due anelli rettangolari capaci di una capienza di circa 18.000 spettatori seduti, richiamano la tipica geometria degli stadi "all'inglese" con estrema vicinanza al campo da gioco. Sei strutture sospese alla copertura di alluminio contengono l'impianto per l'illuminazione e quello di audio diffusione; un grande schermo è posto sopra la curva "piscina". sopra l'imbocco sud del sottopasso è posta una fontana con aiuola. il sogno finisce con lo spezia ancora in serie B... FORZA AQUILE!!!.

Granada, Spain

Casa de "El Americano"

Conjunto residencial de tres inmuebles de renta de similar diseño arquitectónico, que dan apariencia de ser una única edificación. Ocupa la última manzana definida en el proyecto de apertura de la Gran Vía, cuya forma triangular dispone alzados a Tinajilla, la propia Gran Via y Profesor Emilio Orozco. El conjunto fue proyectado en 1912 por Francisco Prieto Moreno y consta de planta baja, entreplanta y cuatro superiores, con tratamiento achaflanado de las esquinas, salvo en la confluencia de Gran Vía con Tinajilla, que adopta la forma de pabellón angular. Es uno de los bellos ejemplos de la arquitectura modernista en Granada.

Centro Aliatar Cinemas

Edificación que alberga tres salas de cine y varias tiendas de ropa. Su estilo responde a un leguaje historicista contenido conforme al proyecto elaborado por Francisco Prieto-Moreno en 1942. El edificio destaca de su entorno por el esgrafiado rojo y blanco de formas lobuladas que recorre la superficie de sus tres fachadas.

Madrid, Spain

Museo Thyssen Bornemisza

The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is an art gallery in Madrid. It is known as a part of the "Golden Triangle of Art", which also includes the Prado and the Reina Sofia galleries. The Thyssen-Bornemisza fills the historical gaps in its counterparts' collections: in the Prado's case this includes fine examples of Italian primitives and works from the English, Dutch and German schools, while in the case of the Reina Sofia the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection includes impressionists, expressionists, and European and American paintings from the second half of the 20th century. The collection started in 1920 as a private collection by the late Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza (1921–2002). He assembled most of the works from his relatives' collections and proceeded to acquire large numbers of new works to produce what is one of the world's finest private art collections. In 1985, the Baron married Carmen Cervera and introduced her to art collecting. Carmen's influence was decisive in persuading the Baron to decide on the future of his collection and cede the collection to Spain. The museum was opened in 1992 after an agreement was reached between the Baron and the Spanish government. A year later the collection was bought outright. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Schiphol Gates E

Adelaide, South Australia

Spire Living Apartments (Adelaide)

Spire Living, 105m 33 Level Apartment building which has been approved by the city council and will be built in Bentham Street, Adelaide.

Capital City Development (Adelaide)

100 Storey Vision (Adelaide)

Not proposed, but a vision by a prominent Adelaide architect presented to the premiers office in 2007. 500m, 100storeys mixed use tower.

Hartford, Connecticut,

CT Transit Ticket Booth

Old State House Square

St Louis, Missouri

University City City Hall

Brookings Hall, Washington University in St. Louis

Toronto, Canada

TTC Scarborough Rapid Transit (McCowan to Midland)

Model of the northern section of the Scarborough Rapid Transit light metro line located in the eastern Toronto suburb of Scarborough. Shown here are the elevated tracks and three stations, from east to west: McCowan, Scarborough Centre, and Midland. Scarborough Centre station is an important local and regional bus terminal for Scarborough and the eastern part of Toronto.

Regent Park South (2)

Regent Park is a social housing project located in the city of Toronto. The southern half of the Regent Park community is composed of five high-rise apartment towers, two of which are shown in this file. Designed by Page + Steele Architects.

OCAD Sharp Centre for Design

The Sharp Centre for Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design is one of the new landmark buildings in Toronto. Designed by architect Will Alsop, the Sharp Centre is nicknamed the "Flying Tabletop". Completed in 2004.

TTC Kennedy Station

Kennedy Station is a subway station located in Toronto's eastern suburb of Scarborough. It is the eastern terminus of the Toronto Transit Commission's Bloor-Danforth Subway, and the southern terminus of the Scarborough RT light metro line. It is a major bus terminal in Scarborough and also has large commuter parking lots. GO Transit's Kennedy train station is located next to Kennedy station.

MaRS Centre

MaRS (originally stood for "Medical and Related Sciences") Centre is an office, scientific research/development and conference complex located in downtown Toronto's "Discovery District". The complex incorporates the College Street wing of Toronto General Hospital, a heritage building.

The Omni

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Buildings Uploaded for September 20, 2007

Here are the latest buildings uploaded to the Google SketchUp warehouse, Cities in Development since my last post.

Tel Aviv, Isreal

Project falafel & coffe bar at Bezalel market Tel Aviv

project the house at yarkon street

Montreal, QC, Canada


Place des Arts is a major arts centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Located in the eastern part of the city's downtown ( 45°30′31.40″N, 73°34′02.10″W), between Ste-Catherine and de Maisonneuve Streets, and St-Urbain and Jeanne-Mance streets, the complex is home to the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and the Opéra de Montréal. Place des Arts was an initiative of Mayor Jean Drapeau, a noted lover of opera, as part of a project to expand the downtown core eastward from the concentration of business and financial activity in the centre-west part of downtown. The Corporation George-Étienne-Cartier, named in honour of George-Étienne Cartier, a Father of Confederation and opera lover, was set up to build it, and the first part of the complex (including the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier) was inaugurated on September 21, 1963. The other theatres were added progressively. The Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal was added to the complex on May 28, 1992. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Place_des_Arts

Davenport, Iowa

Mid American Energy Building

Built in 1995, the Mid-American Energy Building is a nine-story building built on top of a six story parking ramp. The parking ramp serves the Rivercenter, the Radisson Hotel as well as the Mid-American Building. It is also a part of the skywalk system which connects the Rivercenter North, Rivercenter South, Mid-American Energy Building, The Adler Theater, The Mississippi Lofts, The Blackhawk Hotel, and the Radisson Hotel. This system stretches from the north side of 4th Street to the south side of 2nd Street.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The CCT building is home to Communication Culture and Technology a joint program between the University of Toronto at Mississauga and Sheridan College.

Zurich Centre

Zurich Centre is an office tower located in downtown Toronto. Built in 1971. Designed by Page + Steele Architects.

Yonge Eglinton Centre

Braunschweig, Germany

05-15 BBS IV

Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain

Clinica Aspeyo

Avilés, Asturias, Spain

Sociedad de Desarrollo La Curtidora Avilés

Centro de Empresas en la restaurada fábrica de curtidos la Maribona, año 1901. This building was an old tannery shop, nowadays is rehabilitated as a Enterprises Centre

Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Iglesia del Perpetuo Socorro, Antigua de San Felipe Neri

Casa de "El Americano"

Conjunto residencial de tres inmuebles de renta de similar diseño arquitectónico, que dan apariencia de ser una única edificación. Ocupa la última manzana definida en el proyecto de apertura de la Gran Vía, cuya forma triangular dispone alzados a Tinajilla, la propia Gran Via y Profesor Emilio Orozco. El conjunto fue proyectado en 1912 por Francisco Prieto Moreno y consta de planta baja, entreplanta y cuatro superiores, con tratamiento achaflanado de las esquinas, salvo en la confluencia de Gran Vía con Tinajilla, que adopta la forma de pabellón angular. Es uno de los bellos ejemplos de la arquitectura modernista en Granada.

Stockholm, Sweden


This building is located in Stockholm, near the subway-station Odenplan. It's called Läkarehuset, "The building of Doctor...", and is 42 meters (137 feet) tall. It was constructed in 1962. Model made by Stefan Larsson, larstefan@gmail.com

Stockholm School of Economics

The Stockholm School of Economics or Handelshögskolan is a business school and private university in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 1909 to improve business education in Sweden. Controlled by a private trust, it also receives government support. About 1900 students and 300 in the staff are currently in the building every day. Model made by Stefan Larsson, larstefan@gmail.com

Rosario, Argentina

Anfiteatro Municipal Rosario

Bogota, Colombia

Corficolombiana building

Corficolombiana, is an extended acronym for La Corporacion Financiera Colombiana (Colombian Financial Corporation). Corficolombiana is a private company dealing in financial solutions, with its customers being some of the largest corporations in Colombia. Its primary mission is to provide the necessary capital to promote the creation, growth, reorganisation, merger and expansion of any type of business.

Montevideo y Punta del Este Uruguay

Torre parada 4

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Buildings uploaded for September 19, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Looks like we have another city added to Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome…

Vieux Lyon, France

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 12

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 13

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 14a

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 14b

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 14c

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 15

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 16

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 17a

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Ilot 17b

Vieux Lyon en 3D - Palais de Justice - version beta

Gare Saint Paul - version beta

Palais Saint Jean - version alpha

Klaipeda, Lithuania


The Hague, The Netherlands

Het Strijkijzer, Den Haag (The Hague)

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Buildings uploaded for September 18, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Mount Crested Butte, Colorado

Paradise Condominiums C

Braunschweig, Germany

test gewandhaus

01-10 Brüdernkirche Sankt Ullrici

Die Brüdernkirche ist die Kirche eines ehemaligen Klosters, und verfügt als solches über mehrere Annexbauten, wie einen Kreuzgang oder ein Dormitorium. Von dieser Kirche ging die Braunschweiger Reformation aus, später wurde sie Zeughaus für die städtischen Waffen, und ist heute wieder eine reformierte Kirche. Im Inneren findet man zwei Letter; einen aus dem 19.Jhdt, und einen aus dem barock. In den Nebengebäuden ist das Priesterseminar untergebracht.

01-01 Diakonie

01-01 Petrikirche

05-12 60er HH an der Langen Strasse

Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain

Torneo Parque Empresrial Fase II y IV

Avilés, Asturias, Spain

Plaza Mayor Llaranes Cluster III

Pobladín Llaranes

London, England

Euston Square, London

Barkantine Estate, London

Midship Point, Knighthead Point, Bowspirit Point & Topmast Point are all 64m high, with 22 floors and completed in 1968.

Barcelona, Spain

Guardia Urbana Montjuic

Montevideo y Punta del Este Uruguay

Tiburon 3

Edificio Panamericano

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Buildings uploaded for September 17, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.


1 Kasai Sea Life Park

2 Kasai Sea Life Park

Osaka, Japan


Hotel Monterey Osaka

Umeda Daibiru

Mount Crested Butte, Colorado

Cimarron Building

Crested Mountain North 2

Crested Mountain North 3

Boston, Massachusetts

Rowes Wharf

Known as “The Gateway to Boston,” Rowes Wharf sits on the Boston Harbor east of the downtown. It is a large complex made up of the 230-room four-star Boston Harbor Hotel, 100 luxury condominiums, and 345,000 sq. ft. of office space. There is also a marina, restaurants, a water transportation terminal, and a floating stage for concerts and movies. Rowes Wharf was designed by Adrian D. Smith, FAIA, of Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, who used classic styles in a contemporary way. Built in 1987, the exterior was constructed with a steel deck and beam frame clad with a curtain wall of brick, granite and pre-cast concrete. The Boston Harbor Hotel has a distinct multistory arch that spans over a wide plaza. Two thirds of the building’s land is open space, and provides great views of Boston’s financial district as well as the Boston Harbor. Model built by Austin Metzger, Catherine Moats, Noel Nemcik, and Jordan Van Wyk.

Rowes Wharf

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium

The first civic planetarium in Canada was built by the citizens of Edmonton and was officially opened on September 22nd, 1960. It was named to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Edmonton one year earlier, and was designed by architect R.F. Duke. The role of the planetarium was largely superceeded by the Edmonton Space Science Centre which opened on a neighbouring site in Coronation Park in 1984. http://www.telusplanet.net/public/hgibbins/QEP/

Looks like we have another city added to Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome..

Zagreb, Croatia



crkva svetog marka

Belgrade, Serbia

Cathedral of Saint Sava

Palace "Albania", Belgrade

Usce Tower

Usce Tower built in 1960 is the tallest building in Belgrade, as well as in Balkans.


Braunschweig, Germany

01-11 Stechinellihaus

01-11 Altstadtmarkt 4

01-11 Eckhaus Altstadtmarkt/Gördelingerstrasse; Altstadtmarkt 5

01-30 Kimmichhaus

01-25 Landschaftliches Haus

01-26 Anbau an das Braunschweiger Gewandhaus

Bochum, Germany

Eckhaus in Bochum Riemke

Bratwursthäuschen von Dönninghaus

The arguably most famous curry sausage in Bochum has been sold in this venue since 1952. It is located in the nightlife district of Bochum, the "Bermuda Triangle". The house has been renovated in 2002.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Erasmusbrug / de Zwaan [ rotterdam]

Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Iglesia de San Cristobal

La iglesia de San Cristóbal pertenece a la primera generación de las iglesias albaicineras, enmarcadas dentro del estilo gótico con técnica mudéjar. La zona del altar mayor fue levantada a mediados del siglo XVI cuya armadura ochavada revela ya el apogeo constructivo del mudéjar granadino. El campanario no es el original; éste fue destruido por un rayo en 1577. Era de gran elevación y lucía un agudo chapitel con gran impacto visual sobre la ciudad. Algunos de los mampuestos de los muros exteriores son macabrillas, lapidas funerarias recogidas de los cementerios islámicos del barrio. Además es sede canoniga de la cofradía de la Estrella la cual procesiona cada Jueves Santo.

Iglesia del Perpetuo Socorro, Antigua de San Felipe Neri

Barcelona, Spain

Palau Municipal D'Esports

Looks like we have another city added to Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome..

Bogota, Columbia

Plaza de Toros la Santa Maria

Biblioteca Nacional

Buildings, Bogotá

Bank Blica, Bogota

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Buildings uploaded for September 14, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Arequipa, Peru

Saga Falabella Arequipa

Multifamiliar Santa Ana


Hilton Tokyo Bay

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay

Nagoya, Japan

Nagara-Gawa Estuary Weir

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Central Shahid Minar

Central Shahid Minar : Symbol of Bengali nationalism. This monument was built to commemorate the martyrs of the historic Language movement of 1952. Hundreds and thousands of people with floral wreaths and bouquet gather on 21 February every year to pay respect in a solemn atmosphere. Celebrations begin at zero hour of midnight.

Bangladesh National Museum

Zia International Airport

Zia International Airport (IATA: DAC, ICAO: VGZR) (Bengali: Zia Antorjatik Bimanbôndor) is the largest airport in Bangladesh located in Kurmitola, Dhaka, with Dhaka Cantonment on one side and Uttara Residential Area on another. It started operation in 1981, and was named after Bangladesh's former president, Ziaur Rahman. It is the home base and hub of Biman Bangladesh Airlines and GMG Airlines.


chiesa di san venerio - La Spezia – ITALY

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

De Witte Keizer, Rotterdam

Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain

Edificio Guttemberg

Pabellón de Checoeslovaquia

Estadio Manuel Ruiz De Lopra/ REAL BETIS

THE home of real betis, the sevillan team. the capacity is 55.000 and able to reach untill the 62,000. this stadium in one of the most famous in spain and will have an amazing capacity of 72,000 after the reconstruction of the south and the east stands by the plan.

Parque empresarial Torneo Fase I

Paris, France

Granite tower

Pacific tower

Barcelona, Spain

Hotel AC Barcelona

Hotel de la cadena de hoteles AC situado en la zona comercial y de negocios Diagonal Mar, junto al Centro de Convenciones Internacional (CCIB), de Barcelona considerado el mas grande del sur de Europa. El edificio tiene 88 metros de altura (288 ft) y 22 plantas.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Museumplein 4

Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

Navy Pier (Part 1)

Designed by Charles Sumner Frost, Navy Pier is located on Lake Michigan, just East of Chicago's Downtown, Navy Pier has been a Chicago landmark since it first opened in 1916. Originally designed as both a shipping and recreational facility, the Pier also served as a military training site during two world wars, a venue for concerts and exhibitions, and the temporary home for a once-fledgling University of Illinois' Chicago campus. As the Pier fell into disuse during much of the 1970s and 1980s, the State of Illinois and Chicago embarked on a joint plan whereby, in 1989, ownership of the Pier was transferred to the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, the same body which oversees Chicago's McCormick Place. The Authority moved swiftly to redesign Navy Pier into one of the country's most unique recreation and exposition facilities. Navy Pier now showcases a unique collection of restaurants and shops in addition to unequaled recreational and exhibition facilities - in a setting like no other.

Navy Pier (Part 2)

Navy Pier (Part 3)

Navy Pier (Part 4)

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Buildings uploaded for September 12, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Looks like we have another city in Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome…

Bangkok Metropolitan Area

Building, Bangkok

Chit Lom building, Bangkok

EGV Center, Bangkok

Hospital, Bangkok

Intercontinental Hotel, Bangkok

Novotel, Bangkok

Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana - building C005

Astana - building C006

Astana - building C007

Astana - building C008A

Astana - building C008B

Astana - building C010

Astana - building C017

Osaka, Japan

Daiwa House Osaka Building

Looks like we have another city to add to Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome


Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten

Am Markt

Space Center/ Waterfront Bremen

Roland von Bremen

Valencia, Spain

Hotel Barceló Valencia


El Hotel SPA Barceló Valencia está situado en la Avenida de Francia, al lado de la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, óptimo acceso a la Playa de la Malvarrosa, a 10 minutos del centro de Valencia. Construido hace tres escasos años, ya albergó al papa y sus allegados del Vaticano en 2006, durante el encuentro Mundial de las Familias que se celebró en Valencia, puesto que el altar construido para la ocasión fue situado en frente del hotel, justo encima del puente de Monteolivete. Tiene 187 habitaciones, 175 habitaciones dobles, 10 Junior Suite, y 2 suites, todas con aire acondicionado y calefacción, teléfono, minibar, televisión vía satélite, conexión a internet y caja fuerte.

Piedras Blancas, Castrillon, Asturias Spain

Casa de Casimiro y María

Paris, France

Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Santiago of Chile

Interamericana Tower

Centenario Tower

Mount Crested Butte, Colorado

Paradise Condominiums B

Paradise A

New York City, New York

Ward's Island Bridge


Ward's Island Footbridge carries pedestrain and bicycle traffic over the Harlem River. The bridge was designed by master bridge builder Othmar Ammann and was constructed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1951. The ovreall span across the river is 286 meters long and 100 meter section of it can be lifted up to let tall ships pass.


Waterside Apartments


The four apartment towers were constructed between 1971 and 1973. The planning of the towers was begun way back in 1961. The complex includes 1,470 apartments in four towers 33, 39, 40 and 41 storeys high. Unfortunately I didn't have enough photographs to model the plaza, but if you think you're up to it, please use this model as a base.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

10004 Jasper Avenue

The Legacy

The Ellis Building

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Scotia Plaza

Sapphire Tower (new design)

Maple Leaf Square

300 Front Street

e martë, 11 shtator 2007

Buildings uploaded for September 11, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana - building C001

Astana - building C002

Astana - building C003

Osaka, Japan

Umeda Dai-ichi Seimei Building

Watanabe Recruit Building

E-ma Building

Groningen, The Netherlands

Grote Markt Groningen

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

WTC H Toren

Looks like we have a new city for Cities in Development.

Let’s all welcome…

Montreal, QC, Canada

Université de Montréal - Pavillon 520 ch. de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine

Les Habitations De La Mennais, 387 Beaubien Est. De La Mennais housing

De La Mennais housing was built in 1983 and consists of 105 apartments for retirees (aged 60 and over) and six adapted units for the disabled. The housing project masterfully combines an old renovated school and a newer building. In 1984, it won the Habitas award from the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal for providing social groups with an improved living arrangement tailored to their needs. Les habitations De La Mennais, construites en 1983, comportent 105 logements destinés à des personnes retraitées (55 ans et plus) ainsi que 6 unités adaptées. En 1984, les habitations de La Mennais, composées d'une ancienne école recyclée à laquelle s'harmonise un bâtiment neuf, reçoivent le prix Habitas de la Chambre de commerce de Montréal, pour «avoir permis à des groupes sociaux d'accéder à un cadre de vie meilleur et approprié à leurs besoins». Model made by 3DResolution.com

La Maison du Gouverneur, 901 avenue De Lorimier

The Maison du Gouverneur was built in 1895 and named after Charles-Amédée-Vallée, the last governor of the Montreal prison. The prison governor's residence was occupied by the Vallée family until 1912, when the prison in the main building — called Pied-du-Courant — was decommissioned after the construction of the new Bordeaux Jail. - Construite en 1895, la Maison du Gouverneur doit son nom à Charles-Amédée-Vallée, dernier gouverneur de la prison de Montréal. La résidence du gouverneur de la prison est d'ailleurs occupée par la famille Vallée jusqu'en 1912, alors que la nouvelle prison de Bordeaux met fin à la vocation carcérale de l'édifice principal, appelé le Pied-du-Courant. Model made by 3DResolution.com

Centre Bell

Le Centre Bell, auparavant connu sous le nom de Centre Molson, est une salle omnisports située à Montréal au Québec. C'est le domicile des Canadiens de Montréal de la Ligue nationale de hockey depuis le 16 mars 1996, quand l'équipe a quitté l'historique Forum de Montréal après la dernière partie le 11 mars de la même année. Sa capacité est de 21 273 places pour le hockey sur glace et 19 945 pour le basket-ball, la salle possède 135 suites de luxe et 2 674 sièges de club. L'aréna est donc le plus grand amphithéâtre de la LNH avec une capacité de 21 273 sièges. Plus des 100 dernières parties des Canadiens de Montréal (surnomés les HABS) se sont déroulés à guichet fermé. Ce qui fait les deux dernières saisons et les séries éliminatoires respectives à 21 273 personnes qui les encourages dans le Centre Bell.

Le 4200 Saint-Laurent

Loyola Campus, Concordia University

Loyola Campus, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, was build in secqvences since 1916, and is still in development as part of Concordia's Master Space Development Program. Having several teaching and research facility for various arts and science departments, a sport complex, and, but not the last, the Vanier Library, Loyola Campus is unique.

Place Montréal Trust

Ignaugurée en 1988 par la société Cadillac Fairview, La Place Montréal Trust occupe un endroit privilégié au milieu de la plus grande artère commerciale, située au cœur du centre-ville de Montréal, à l'angle de la rue Ste-Catherine et de la prestigieuse avenue McGill College. Avec plus de 320 000 pieds carrés de superficie locative, Place Montréal Trust est le seul centre commercial à Montréal hébergeant six majeurs, soit Indigo, Lingerie et Compagnie, Mexx, Le Super Monde des Athlètes, Winners et Zara. La Place Montréal Trust attire plus de 12 millions de personnes par année. Une superbe fontaine de cuivre avec un jet de plus de 30 mètres et haute de 5 étages est en fait la plus haute fontaine intérieure en Amérique du Nord. La Place Montréal Trust est également la porte d'entrée de la ville souterraine à Montréal. Durant la saison des fêtes de Noël, un magnifique sapin, également haut de 5 étages, recouvre l'immense fontaine et enchante les petits et grands avec ses personnages de contes de fées animés. C'est beau, c'est grand et c'est tout lumineux à Place Montréal Trust.

Édifice Fondaction

Looks like we have another city of Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome..

Mount Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Mountain Village

Crested Butte Real Estate

Avalanche Restaurant

Mall Clininc

Mountain Edge Condominiums

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fort Wayne Bridge

Built 1901-1904 the Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge stretches 985 feet connecting the north and south banks of the Allegheny River. The largest clear span of the bridge stretches 319 ft with aver 40 feet of clearance above the river. Model created by Nathan Kohrmann.

Epiphany Catholic Church

Designed by Edward Stotz, the Epiphany Catholic Church was erected in the early 1900's. The Church is a red brick building with Byzantine details on the exterior and Carrara, Pavonazzo, Dipolliono, red Verona and Numidian marbles adorning the interior. Historically, Epiphany Church served as a replacement for the original St. Paul Cathedral following the devastating fire of May 6, 1851. Today it continues to serve the Catholic community of the Uptown-Lower Hill District of Pittsbrugh, PA. Model by Alex Juhola.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Malibu at Harbourfront

Royal York Hotel

e hënë, 10 shtator 2007

Buildings Uploaded for September 10, 2007

Here are the latest pictures uploaded to the Cities in Development in the Google Earth Warehouse since my last post.

Wuppertal / Germany

Heizkraftwerk Wuppertal Elberfeld

Schwebebahn Wuppertal

Wuppertaler Schwebebahn V0.5 Vorabversion...befindet sich noch im Aufbau, in Kürze erscheint eine vollständige Version. @Werkstatt: Danke für den Hinweis, ich habe mit den dürftigen Infos und Bildern die im Netz zu finden sind das Modell erstellt, über technische Details, die mein Modell verbessern wäre ich sehr dankbar. Mein Ziel ist es, ein maßstabsgerechtes Modell zu erstellen. Suche noch Leute die mich unterstützen die Schwebebahn mit allen Bahnhöfen und Schienenverlauf vollständig und maßstabsgerecht nachzubilden.

Geburtshaus Friedrich Engels

Geburtshaus Friedrich Engels, erbaut 1775. Heute Wuppertals Historischem Zentrum und Museum für Frühindustrialisierung. Weitere Infos unter: http://www.historisches-zentrum-wuppertal.de/engels.html

Groningen, The Netherlands

Informatie Beheer Groep (alle 4)

De Informatie Beheer Groep (ook wel afgekort tot IB-Groep) is een zelfstandig bestuursorgaan van de Nederlandse overheid, dat in opdracht van de minister van Onderwijs een aantal onderwijswetten en -regelingen op het gebied van financiering en informatiebeheer uitvoert. De IB-Groep, gevestigd in Groningen, is op 1 januari 1994 ontstaan bij de verzelfstandiging van de Informatiseringsbank. Studenten moeten bij de IB-Groep aangeven waar en wat ze willen gaan studeren. Bovendien vragen ze hun studiefinanciering hier aan. De IB-Groep voert momenteel (op hoofdlijnen) de volgende onderwijswetten en -regelingen uit: - het uitkeren van studiefinanciering (inclusief OV-studentenkaart) en tegemoetkomingen in de schoolkosten - het innen van lesgelden en studieschulden - het beheren van diverse onderwijsgerelateerde basisregistraties - het verzorgen van het proces van aanmelding, selectie en plaatsing hoger onderwijs (Zoals numerus fixus en decentrale selectie) - het waarderen van diploma's - het organiseren van staats- en schoolexamens - het beheren en gebruiken van het basisregister onderwijsnummer - het uitvoeren van een aantal taken van de Wet Inburgering. (zoals het toekennen en innen van leningen en het afnemen van het centrale deel van het inburgeringsexamen)

mediaCT Groningen

Cityhall Groningen

Het stadhuis van Groningen staat aan de Grote Markt in Groningen. Het werd ontworpen door architect Jacob Otten Husly en is gebouwd in de neoclassicistische bouwstijl. Tegenwoordig word het gebouw nog steeds als stadhuis gebruikt. In het Stadhuis werken de Burgemeester, de wethouders en hun secretaresses. Op de bovenste verdieping hebben alle fracties van de gemeenteraad een eigen kamer. Er zijn twee raadzalen in het Stadhuis: de oude en de nieuwe raadzaal. De gemeenteraad vergadert elke week in de nieuwe raadzaal. In de oude raadzaal vergaderen de raadscommissies en vindt elke week de persconferentie van B&W plaats. Ook huwelijken en ontvangsten van bijvoorbeeld landelijke politici of ambassadeurs zijn in het Stadhuis.

Martinitower / Martinichurch

De Martinitoren, gelegen aan de Grote Markt, is de bekendste en hoogste toren van de stad Groningen. De toren behoort bij de Martinikerk. De inwoners van Groningen hebben hun toren de naam d' Olle Grieze gegeven, Gronings voor de oude grijze (toren).

Station Groningen

modelling: Floris de Jonge (www.florisdejonge.nl) Station Groningen (door stadjers Hoofdstation genoemd) is het belangrijkste spoorwegstation in de stad Groningen. Na de slechting van de vestingwallen werd het mogelijk om een nieuw representatief gebouw te realiseren. Het Hoofdstation van Groningen behoort tot de fraaiste stationsgebouwen van Nederland. Het is een ontwerp van Isaac Gosschalk en was in 1896 gereed. De westelijke helft van het stationsplein heeft een multifunctionele bestemming gekregen: het hypermoderne Stadsbalkon. Dit bestaat uit twee delen. Het bovenste deel is een groot plein waarover van de Stationsweg naar het station gelopen kan worden. Dit in hoogte golvende plein vormt het dak van de fietsenstalling in het onderste deel. In de jaren zestig werd de stationshal gemoderniseerd, waarbij er een verlaagd plafond werd aangebracht. In 1999 werd het gebouw gerestaureerd. De stationshal werd daarbij teruggebracht in zijn oorspronkelijke staat. (wikipedia 01-09-2007)


De Korenbeurs

De Korenbeurs van Groningen is een gebouw aan de westzijde van de Vismarkt. De beurs, met zijn opvallende neoclassicistische gevel, werd tussen 1862 en 1865 gebouwd, als vervanging van twee kleinere beursgebouwen. De eerste Korenbeurs, werd gebouwd in 1774. In Groningen maakte de graanteelt in die periode een grote bloeitijd door. Het houten gebouw voldeed daarom al vrij snel niet meer. In 1826 werd het daarom al vervangen door een stenen gebouw. Vanaf halverwege de negentiende eeuw begon de handel weer toe te nemen. Het gebouw werd snel te klein, waarop de handel zich deels verplaatste naar het nabijgelegen café, tegenwoordig Huis de Beurs. Dat werd toch als minder gewenst beschouwd, waarop uiteindelijk de opdracht voor een nieuw beursgebouw werd verleend. Het gebouw is voor zijn tijd, modern van opbouw, gelet op de gietijzeren constructie en de toepassing van veel glas. Het glas was nodig om veel daglicht te hebben, belangrijk voor het keuren van het graan. De handelaren, namen monsters van hun aanbod mee. Zij moesten lid zijn van de "Vereeniging de Korenbeurs" . Aan de zijde van de Vismarkt bevindt zich het imposante voorgebouw. Op het dak staan de figuren van Neptunus (zeevaart), Ceres (landbouw) en Mercurius (handel). Achter de voorgevel bevindt zich de werkelijke markthal, een grote open ruimte met tafels voor de meegenomen monsters, waar in het verleden de handelaren hun handel konden afwikkelen. Het bestuur had vergaderruimten aan de voorzijde van het gebouw.

BE Quality Hoofdkantoor

Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain

Pabellón de Checoeslovaquia

London, England

30 South Colonnade, London

30 South Colonnade stands at 62m tall with 13 floors and 27,359 sq m of floorspace. It was Built in 1991 and designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox.

20 Cabot Square, London

20 Cabot Square stands at 65m tall, with 13 floors and 51, 876 sq m of floorspace. Built in 1991 and designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox. A footbridge from the second floor connects the building to 25 cabot square.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Kantoor de Oliphant

World Fashion Centre Toren 1

World Fashion Centre Toren 2

World Fashion Centre Toren 3

Adelaide, South Australia

Commonwealth Law Courts (Adelaide)

Police Headquarters formerly occupied this site. - This building contains 3 courts for the Federal Magistrate's Court, 9 courts for the Federal Court, 10 courts for the Family Court and 20 judge's chambers. - The eucalyptus green colour on the façade was chosen to pay homage to Colonel Light's garden city plan, as well as the native eucalypt and dry grass vegetation that is common on the Adelaide Plains. - The sienna and ochre colours on the façade were chosen to represent the colours of the Adelaide Plains and the arid hinterland. - The slight recess of the metal panels behind the glass provides an impression of depth in the building's glass curtain that changes with the movement of the sun throughout the day. - The tapered ellipse structure will house the ceremonial courts. - The tapered ellipse structure, known as 'the Opal', is clad in pre-weathered copper. - The axis of 'the Opal' runs in a line to the exact position of a traditional Aboriginal meeting point in Victoria Square. - This building was officially opened by the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, on February 3, 2006. - The building was awarded a Commendation in the 'New Buildings' category by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (SA Chapter) award ceremony in 2006.

Air Apartments (Adelaide)

15 level 55m Tall, this apartment building completed in 2004, was a redevelopment of the old ETSA Utilities building with the primary goal of turning the tired building into luxury apartments.

Shanghai, China

The Customs House (No.13, The Bund)

The Customs House (No. 13, The Bund), was built in 1927 on the site of an earlier, traditional Chinese-style customs house. The clock and bell was built in England and in imitation of Big Ben.

Three On The Bund (外滩三号)

Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana - building A001

Astana - building A002

Astana - building A005

Astana - building A006

Astana - building A017

Astana - building A018

Astana - building A019

Astana - building A022A

Astana - building A022B

Astana - building A022C

Astana - building A022D

Astana - building A023

Astana -building A028C

Astana - building A028D

Astana - building B012

Astana - building B01

Astana - building B014

Astana - building B015

Astana - building B016

Astana - building B017

Astana - building B018

Osaka, Japan

Goog Hill Building

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hillsborough Court

The Hudson

The Hudson is a high-rise residential development located at Spadina Ave. and King Street West in downtown Toronto. Designed by Diamond & Schmitt and developed by Great Gulf Homes