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Buildings uploaded on June 29

First of all, welcome Google Earth Blog readers! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to Frank for the post! Here are the buildings for today.

Sevilla, Spain


Aalst, Belgium

Aldi, Q8, Shoe Discount, Mady's mode, Euro Center

Paris, France


790>77kB condensed file: The 300m tall steel Eiffel Tower was constructed for the Exposition Universelle which was to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution. It was constructed in 1889 and was the tallest structure in the world until 1930 when it was surpassed by the Chysler Building. With Photo-realistic textures! Originally modeled by Mason Thrall.(Google) -- This model-file is using the same texture, but by slight compression of the texture and efficient grouping of elements. The filesize is 10x smaller (77kB instead of 790kB) at same level of detail.

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Buildings Uploaded on June 28

Looks like Africa got it's first "City" in the Warehouse!

Riverside Farm Institute

Bible School

The local bible school. Some kids walked 3 km just to come here every day.

A house where I stayed in

i stayed in this house for 2 1/2 months. The left side was mine. The otherside was a local family.


The school's cafeteria.

Valencia, Spain

Edificio Veles e Vents

Stockholm, Sweden

Hedvig Eleonora kyrka

Madrid, Spain

Hotel Melia Madrid Princesa

5-Star Melia Madrid Princesa Hotel

Chicago, Illinois

McCormick Place Lakeside center

Convention center just south of Chicago's business district, with more than 1.3 million sq. ft. of exhibit space, 77 meeting rooms and 4 theaters.

Seattle, Washington

Park Place

An outdoor garden plaza connects Freeway Park. Construction Finished: 1971; Floors: 21; Maximum Height: 83m (272ft)

Los Angeles, California

Eastern Columbia Building

The Eastern Columbia Building is a thirteen-story building located at 849 S. Broadway in the Broadway Theater District of downtown Los Angeles, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Los Angeles' historic buildings (one architecture critic called it "Architectural Visine in a district full of eyesores"), as well as its finest surviving example of Art Deco following the 1969 destruction of Richfield Tower. It is easily spotted from the Interstate 10 due to its bright turquoise color.

Transamerica Center

The Transamerica Center includes three buildings, One Highrises, Two Midrises. The Complex has the destinction of being LA's first Modern Skyscraper, being the AT&T Tower is 452 feet high, 32 stories, completed in 1965. LA's height limit of 150 feet (with the exception of City Hall) was lifted in the 1957, resulting in the AT&T Tower to be just 2 feet shy of City Hall. The Building was built before Downtown was really developed, at the time many major plans where on the boards for Bunker Hill. The Bulding, though techincally in Downtown, is far from the Skyline, being the only highrise in the area, making the builidng look very prominent. The AT&T Tower has a resturant atop the tower, with sweeping views of the Los Angeles Skyline. Designed by William L. Pereira & Associates, recladded in 2006-2007.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Building

The MTA Building is a handsome 405 foot, 27 floor Skyscraper completed in 1995. Home to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, ajecent to Union Station, yet far most of New Downtown's Skyscrapers, it is however close to the Civic Center, although not part of it. The Building, due to its location is very prominent and easy to find. The tower is home to a $300,000 aquarium that holds 7,000 gallons of water. Designed by McLarand Vasquez and Partners.

Beaudry Center

Perhaps one of the lesser known highrises of Downtown, the Beaudry Center. Located in the way back of the West Downtown Area techically in the Westlake Neighborhood, the building is practically invisible in many skyline shots. It rises 364 feet, 29 Floors. Completed in 1986, headquarters to the Los Angeles Unified School District. The building has an open air atrium going through the core of the building.

New York, New York

New York

Near South Cove & Battery Park.

New-York - Buildings

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Windermere by the Lake

Windermere by the Lake is a residential high-rise and townhouse community located in Toronto. Developed by Cresford.

Lima, Peru

Iglesia templo faro del callao

church located in "2 de mayo" avenue in callao - peru

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Buildings Uploaded on June 27, 2007

Los Angeles, California

Burbank City Hall

Building completed in 1943. Burbank City Hall is one of three City structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Though included in 1996, it was not until 2001 that a large addition from the mid-1960s was removed, and parts of the interior restored (including restoration of a mural by Hugo Ballin that had been partially removed to create a passageway). The building is an example of Moderne or Art Deco architecture, possessing characteristically restrained geometry, exterior bas relief panels, and interior murals depicting civic ideals. Hugo Ballin, who also created the famous murals at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, painted two murals for City Hall. One is located in the rotunda and is called "Burbank Industry." The other, located in the Council Chamber, is called "Four Freedoms." Tours of the City hall are available through the City of Burbank web site. Burbank City Hall is one of the most frequently filmed and photographed city halls in America. Architects-- William Allen and W. George Lutzi. Model by Zoungy.

New cities have also been added to "Help Model A City"

Minniapolis, MN
St. Paul, MN
Milwaukee, WI
Kansas City, MO

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Buildings Uploaded on June 26, 2007

Linköping, Sweden

Linköping City Hall (stadshuset)

Built in 1864, and served from then until 1915 as a school. For a couple of years it huosed the Life Grenadier Regiment until it in 1921 became the City Hall.

Zarrentin am Schaalsee, Germany

Das Kloster von Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Die alte Apotheke von Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Sevilla, Spain

Edificio del BBVA

Audiencia de Sevilla

London, England

Tower 42, London

Facts- Tower 42 (then known as the NatWest Tower) was the tallest building in the United Kingdom for 10 years, from its completion in 1980 to the topping-out of One Canada Square in November 1990. - National Westminster Bank initially planned a tower of 137m (450ft), but after it retained Richard Seifert as chief architect in 1964 he submitted a preliminary design at 197m (647ft). The proposal called for demolition of two historic buildings - the City of London Club (1834) and the small National Provincial Bank. After prolonged investigation, in 1964 the Environmental Secretary upheld a preservation order on the banking hall, but permitted demolition of the City of London Club, and the tower's height was reduced to 183m (600ft). - On completion, Tower 42 was the world's tallest cantilevered building. - External cleaning of the building is provided in part by an automated mechanical cleaning system. - The three cantilevered sections hang from the building's central core and are asymmetrical in height.

1 Churchill Place, London

Built in 2004, 1 Churhcill Place in the 8th tallest building and the 7th tallest skyscraper in London standing at 156m tall (512ft). It is currently the world headquarters for Barclays bank. The building features a roof that is friendly to wildlife with grass and plants on the top to encourage bird life in particular around Canary Wharf.

Paris, France

Tour Vista, Puteaux

Lima, Peru

Edificio Sunad - Callao

located in chucuito, near to seaport of callao.

Faro del Darsena

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio branco 1

Igreja Candelaria

Chicago, Illinois

Navy Pier - Work in progress

Navy Pier has enjoyed a remarkable evolution. Originally designed for shipping and recreational purposes, the facility has evolved into a premiere entertainment center. It also provides state-of-the-art meeting space perfectly suited for small-to-medium sized trade shows. Come experience all that Navy Pier has to offer year-round!

20 North Michigan Avenue

This 8 story Building Stands across the street from Millennium Park on Michigan Avenue. Also comes with the subway station entance directly in front of the building.

6 North Michigan Avenue

Not quite the building it once was, Six North Michigan Avenue is still an essential part of Chicago's beloved Michigan Avenue cliff. At first glance it appears to be any of a dozen interchangeable buildings from the South Loop, but upon closer inspection, it has some merit. In spite of being more than one hundred years old, Six North Michigan retains some of its stately features. A tall central shaft with three columns of wide windows are flanked by two lesser wings of narrower windows. The arrangement fools the eye into thinking the north and south portions are set back from the main facade.

Los Angeles, California

Aon Center

Known as the United California Plaza for from 1974 to 1984, Known as the First Interstate Tower from 1984 to 1998, then known as 707 Wilshire from 1998 to 2003 for when the building had no logos atop at all, the Aon Center, like Many of Downtown's Skyscrapers, has had a long history of Name Changes. The tall slender tower is 858 feet high, 62 floors, and was California's tallest from 1974 to 1989, when the (then First Interstate World Center) US Bank Tower was completed. In May 1988, a fire swept through the 12th floor, destroying 5 floors, injuring 40, and unfortunantly killing 1. Today the Building's main tenants are Aon, and Wells Fargo. Designed by the Luckman Partnership, owned by the Transwestern Investment Company.

Buena Vista Plaza

A seven-story office building near the Buena Vista Branch Library in Burbank, California.

New York, New York

Bayonne Bridge

The steel arch bridge was completed in 1931 after three years of construction, and is designed by master architects Othmar Ammann and Cass Gilbert. The main span is 510 meters long and was the world's longest from the day of completion to 1977, when surpassed by New River Gorge Bridge. Currently Bayonne Bridge is the world's 3rd longest arch bridge. The deck is 46 meters above water level from the highest point and carries an average of 23,400 vehicles a day across the Kill Van Kull strait. In this model, the number of support columns on the approach ramps is reduced to half of the original number, to simplify the already complex model.

Henry Hudson Bridge

The steel arch bridge was designed by David B. Steinman and was completed in 1936. It spans 256 meters long over Spuyten Duyvil Creek on the norhern tip of Manhattan island. Second deck was added in 1938. The upper deck carries three road lanes northbound and the lower deck four lanes southbound. Total traffic per day is about 68,000 vehicles.

Millennium Point - New-York

Description - The building opened in February 2002. It was scheduled to open in October 2001, but this was delayed by the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. - Millennium Point is located on the northern edge of Battery Park. - The entire structure rests on six hundred 200-ton piles, which extend through fill and bear directly on the bedrock. - New York's Skyscraper Museum occupies a small space on the first floor of the building. - A restaurant is located on the 14th floor. - Millennium Point contains the Ritz-Carlton Downtown, one of New York's five-star hotels. - The building was conspicuous to New Yorkers during its construction when a "Go Yankees!" banner hung high on the metal frame during major league baseball's Subway Series in 2000.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Clear Spirit Condominiums

Clear Spirit Condominiums is a high-rise residential community to be developed in Toronto's historic Distillery District. Designed by architectsAlliance

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SktechUp Trainers Wanted.

Here is one for you.. Almost wish I needed a job! Google is hiring temporary SketchUp trainers! Looks fun!


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Buildings uploaded on June 24th

Here are the SketchUp Buildings that have been uploaded since last post.

First up...

Istanbul, Turkey

Maslak Park Plaza

Garanti Plaza

Oyak Bank Building

USO Center

Now we have Tuebingen, Germany.

Virtual Tuebingen, Marktgasse

This is one street of the old town center of Tuebingen, BW, Germany

Virtual Tuebingen, Marktplatz

This is the marketplace with townhall of the old town center of Tuebingen, BW, Germany

Virtual Tuebingen, Rathausgasse

This is one street of the old town center of Tuebingen, BW, Germany

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Witte De With, Rotterdam

Witte de With is a 20 story multi-functional building belonging to Stichting Humanitas, with appartments, and health, social and personal care facilities. Various services are available for residents and visitors: medical care-at-home, day-care, hospital-hotel for short stays, personal alarm service, meals frozen and warm, hair- pedicure- and beautysalon etc. There is also a school in the building. Witte De With has been fully occupied since 2005.

Europoint towers

Europoint towers II, III and IV.

Barcelona Spain

Macba Museo Arte Contemporaneo BArcelona

It was designed by Richard Meier & Partners (1987-1995). The building’s architectural style has strong references to Modernism. This large (120 by 35 metres) white building has much of its southern elevation glazed, providing the visitor with views across the plaza, and allowing natural light into the interior.

Hamburg Germany

3dHH-Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Lima, Peru

edificios en el golf

4 edificios en el golf

3 edificios en el golf

Santiago Chile

Univercidad de Chile

Palacio de la Moneda

Rio de Janeiro, Argentina

Igreja Candelaria

São Paulo, Brazil

Banco Safra

St Petersburg,Florida

City Block / 1st Ave N / 3rd St N / Central Ave / 4th St N

CAC-Campus Activity Center


This Recreation/student function facility houses a large multi purpose space, the campus Fitness Center, racketball court and student government offices.

RHO-Residence Hall One

This is USF St. Petersburg's first on-campus residence hall for 354 students on seven floors of apartment living. It opened for the first group of residents in the Fall of 2006

FPF-Fifth Avenue Parking Facility

Over 1,160 new parking spaces were provided in this parking structure to accommodate the new Residence Hall, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and the loss of a number of surface parking lots. This new parking facility also provides for the University Police offices and leaseable commercial space on the ground level.

FCT-Florida Center for Teachers

Graphics Design, Journalism and Mass Media conduct programs in this faculty office, classroom and computer lab facility. The Florida Humanities Council has their offices here and conducts their Florida Center for Teachers program within the facility.

ONE-One 5th Avenue South Building

Development Services, the College of Arts & Sciences faculty and the Family Study Center have offices inside this facility.

San Jose, CA

Knight Ridder Building

17 story office building in San Jose. At one time was owned by the defunct Knight Ridder Inc, the #2 newspaper publisher in the US.

Houston, TX

One Park Place

One Park Place will reach 501 feet at completion and will face Discovery Green in Downtown Houston.

Toronto, Canada


mintoSkyy is a high-rise residential development at the intersection of Broadview Avenue and Pottery Road in Toronto. Developed by Minto.

Pacific Mall

Pacific Mall is located at the intersection of Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue in the Town of Markham. It is the largest Chinese-themed indoor mall in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Buildings Uploaded on June 21

First up today. Helsinki, Finland

Hartwall-areena, Helsinki, Finland

Hartwall Areena is a place to experience. It is one of Europe's most actively used entertainment venues with a non-stop calendar of concerts, operas, dance performances, major sporting events, world class ice hockey, conferences and corporate events.

Sevllia, Spain

Banco de España

Arroa Bekoa, Spain

Karmengo Ama Kalea 12 en Arroa Bekoa, Zestoa

Barcelona, Spain

Torre Millenium, Sabadell

Now, over to North America!

St Petersburg, Florida

City Block / 1st Ave N / 3rd St N / Central Ave / 4th St N

Bayfront Tower / Central Ave / Beach Dr S / 1st Ave S / 1st St S

The Pier / Straub Park / Museum of St. Petersburg

100 Bay / Central Ave / 1st St S / 1st Ave S / 2nd St S

Baywalk / Muvico 20

Mahaffey Theater

Webster, Texas

NASA Complete Auto Care of Webster

Drawn by Christopher Butler of Wilbur Smith Associates from low-angle aerial photography. Each building along NASA Parkway in Webster, Texas was drawn as a part of the City of Webster's Comprehensive Plan update. This shopping center is found along the NASA Parkway corridor and includes many different automotive related lessees. The anchor tenant is NASA Complete Auto Care.

New York City, New York

Barclay Bank Building

The 143 meters tall and 36 storey office building was finished in 1987. It situates in the heart of the Financial district of Manhattan.

100 Wall Street

The 111 meter tall and 29 storey office building was completed in 1969. It is designed by Emery Roth & Sons.

Hell Gate Bridge

Steel arch bridge in New York, spanning over East River in a place called Hell Gate. The bridge was completed in 1916 and its main span is 310 meters long. It carries three railroad tracks. The Bridge was designed by Gustav Lindenthal who had a revolutional idea, that the bridges won't have to carry the full dead load of a train. As the train moves across, it displaces its load evently along the bridge, so the bridge can be built more lightweight and less expensive. The Hell Gate Bridge is currently the 20th longest arch bridge in the world.

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Buildings Uploaded on June 20th

Here are the buildings that have been launched since last post.


Garanti Bank Headquarters

- Olive Grove Tower is the new headquarters of Garanti Bank in Istanbul. - The entrance floor is 8.30 meters high. - Each office floor has an area of 1500 m2, while the garage floors have an area of 4.000 m2. - Located close to "Gayrettepe" subway station. - Between floors 19 and 22, the floor-to-floor height reaches almost 7 meters. http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=garantibankheadquarters-istanbul-turkey

POAS Headquarters

Adeka Building

Kozyatagi Business Center

- Each office floor has an area of 812 m². - The floor-to-floor heights of the floors above ground are 3.85 meters. The heights of the two floors below ground are 6.00 meters for one floor and 4.00 meters for the other floor. - Has 8 separate retail areas and 1 restaurant. - The building's state-of-the-art features include a "Springler" fire extinguishing system, a 500,000 liter water depot, and 30 separate phone lines for each floor.


St. John's Church

Johannes Church in Finnish, was constructed between 1888 and 1891. It was designed by Adolf Emil Melander, and represents neo gothic style. The two 74 meter tall towers were Helsinki's tallest structures until 1935, when surpassed by 103 meter tall spire of Agricola Church. St. John's Church is the biggest stone church in Finland, and can house 2600 religious people.


Avenida de Esteiro 117


25 Canada Square (Citigroup centre), Canary Wharf, London

Facts - 25 Canada Square, along with the neighbouring 33 Canada Square, make up the Citigroup Centre - a 170,000sq m (1.8m sq ft) office complex occupied by the Citigroup group of companies. - The building has entrances on Upper Bank Street and Canada Square, with underground floors linking in to both the Canada Place shopping mall and the Canary Wharf underground station. - 25 Canada Square was built in tandem with 8 Canada Square. Both buildings are exactly the same height and simultaneously became the second tallest buildings in the United Kingdom upon reaching full height. - The two buildings in the Citigroup Centre are affectionately known as Oliver 1 and Oliver 2 by Canary Wharf employees. After the bank had leased 33 Canada Square, it returned to Canary Wharf and asked "can we have some more please?". 25 Canada Square was the result.

1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London

Facts - One Canada Square became the tallest building in the United Kingdom in 1990, when it surpassed Tower 42, built 10 years earlier. - The building consists of nearly 16,000 pieces of steel, which forms both the structural frame and the exterior cladding. - The aircraft warning light on at the tower's crown flashes 40 times a minute, 57,600 times a day. - Construction of the tower was halted from March to June 1990, when the building workers went on strike. - The building is designed to sway 13 and three quarter inches in the strongest winds that might occur every 100 years.


Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

L'hôtel Concorde LaFayette

Now, over to North America.

St. Petersburg

1st Ave N / 16th St N / 1st Ave S / 18th St S

Vinoy Place

Vinoy Place Condominiums were completed in 2003 at a cost of $60 million. The project has ten townhomes and 92 condominium units overlooking Tampa Bay and Downtown St. Petersburg. Resale values range from $800,000 to $3,500,000.

New York

Metropolitan Life North Building

The Art Deco, 11 Madison Avenue (the North Building) was designed by Ecole des Beaux Arts -educated architect Harvey Wiley Corbett in 1928 as an extension to the Met Life Tower across the street. However, the Great Depression of 1929 left the proposed 100-story, telescoping tower incomplete at 32-stories. The current building remains as the base of what could still be the planned tower, but there are no plans to do so.

Park Avenue Plaza & Raquet/Tennis Club

The Park Avenue Raquet & Tennis Club was first completed in 1916. The controversial Park Avenue Plaza was completed in 1981. The 15 sided, 44 Story, 575 foot tower today rises between 52nd and 53rd Streets. The very handsome Park Avenue Plaza was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill intended to compliment the Lever House, across the street. Today the Park Avenue Plaza and Raquet/Tennis Club is one of New York's finest conjunctions of old and new.

U.N. Plaza Apartments

The two 131 meter tall towers have 40 storeys both. The complex was finished in 1968 and contains apartements and offices.

1 Brooklyn Bridge Plaza

The 165 meter tall industrial building was completed in 1976. Its 32 floors house New York Telephone Companys telecommunications equipment.


The Art Gallery of Alberta (1969 - 2007)

Formerly the Edmonton Art Gallery, in 2005 it was renamed to the Art Gallery of Alberta. In 2007 a major demolition and expansion project was begun which will see significant changes to the existing building.

Peace Hills Trust

One one last note, Frank from Google Earth Blog posted that the SketchUp team has started giving Blue Ribbon awards to buildings in the Google 3D Warehouse. Congratz to all the winners so far!

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Buildings uploaded on June 16th, 2007

The folks in Toronto have been busy. Check out the latest.

TTC Gloucester Subway Cars

The Gloucester cars formed the first trains on the Toronto subway system when it opened in 1954. The famous red trains were built in Britain, and were operational until they were retired in 1990.

The Residences of Pier 27

Pier 27 is a residential condominium development located on Toronto's central waterfront, at the foot of Yonge Street. To be developed by Cityzen Development and Fernbrook Homes. Designed by ArchitectsAlliance.


Metrogate is a high-rise residential/office community to be developed in the eastern Toronto suburb of Scarborough. To be developed by Tridel.

The modelers in Europe have been busy also.

Here is some models from Rotterdam.

De Nieuwe Maaskant, Rotterdam

This industrial monument was built in 1958, and fully renovated in 2004. It was originally a harbour building, now it is an office complex occupied by architects. When the Schiehaven was full of warehouses this building functioned as the gateway to the waterside. An old section of disused railway line still runs through the tunnel.


FLORA - Aalst

Gothenburg, Sweden


Övre hallegatan/ Östra Stilletorpsgatan/ Bergavägen



Barcelona, Spain

Spiralling Tower, Barcelona

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Kallbadhus

Stockholm Kallbadhus is a project by Swedish architect Thomas Sandell and his office SandellSandberg, Viamare Invest and Nordic Hotels. The structure would consist of a public swimming area, spa, café, restaurant and a small scale hotel. It has a diameter of 125 meters (410 feet) en the rings are about 11 meters (36 feet) across. Height of the structure is planned to be 10-12 meters (33-39 feet). Located in the water of Riddarfjärden, about 50 meters from the shoreline. The hotel is going to have 70 rooms, each with an one sauna and a private ladder to the water. Starting the construction in autumn 2007 the building should be finished in may 2009, with a total cost of 200 million SEK (28 million U.S. dollars). Model made by Stefan Larsson, larstefan@gmail.com

Bostaden Östberga v1.3

Located in Östberga, Stockholm, this apartment complex consists of 2 buildings, with a total of 22 apartments. The construction started in august 2006 and residents moved in at the end of june 2007. Model made by Stefan Larsson, larstefan@gmail.com

Looks like the Cities in Development is growing also.

San Jose is up first.

132 West Santa Clara Street.

Block of retail buildings centered on 132 West Santa Clara Street

Amherst, Mass is next.

Hess Station at Pomeroy Lane in South Amherst

This model was developed by Cana McCoy of the Amherst Planning Department in the spring and summer of 2006.

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Buildings uploaded on June 16th

Here we have some buildings from Sweden,

Mariakyrkan, Göteborg

Västra Gunnesgärde, Göteborg

Now, back over to North America. Philadelphia to be exact.

Philadelphia City Hall

When it was completed in 1881, Philadelphia City Hall was the largest public building in the United States. McArthur enlisted the help of his friend, former Architect of the Capitol Thomas U. Walter, to serve as his second in command. The building's Second Empire style was also called the General Grant style because it was used in so many public buildings during the Grant administration. Model created by Matt Brown with help from Lars Zimmerman.

New York

ITT-American Building

Completed in 1967. The ITT-American Building rises 512 feet, 40 Stories. Deisgned by Emery Roth & Sons.

Park Avenue Plaza & Raquet/Tennis Club

The Park Avenue Raquet & Tennis Club was first completed in 1916. The controversial Park Avenue Plaza was completed in 1981. The 15 sided, 44 Story, 575 foot tower today rises between 52nd and 53rd Streets. The very handsome Park Avenue Plaza was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill intended to compliment the Lever House, across the street. Today the Park Avenue Plaza and Raquet/Tennis Club is one of New York's finest conjunctions of old and new.

Metropolitan Life North Building

Autodesk Office - Portland

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Buildings uploaded on June 15th

Pabellón de Marruecos (Seville)

Shops Keizershallen Aalst [Part 1] || (Winkelcentrum - Keizershallen Aalst [deel 1])(Belgium)

Shops - Keizershallen Aalst [Part 2] || (Winkelcentrum - Keizershallen Aalst [deel 2])(Belgium)

Aalst - Part of the company Tate & Lyle (Belgium)

Bridge, Brusselse Steenweg, Aalst (Brug, Brusselse Steenweg, Aalst)

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Buildings uploaded on June 13th, 2007

Looks like folks all over the world have been busy! First up, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Kabul University

The University of Kabul was founded in 1931, opened in 1932 and formally established in 1947. In the 1950s and 60s the university was one of the finest institutions of its kind in Asia, the intellectual heart of the country and the pride of Afghanistan.

Ruined Office Building, Kabul

This former governmental building is located at Darul Aman, close to the famous Darul Aman Palace, from where Afghan kings used to rule the country. A decent touch of former noblesse still catches the viewer, when standing in front. Yet, the appearance of this ruin is a tragic reminder of the extended and fierce fighting in Kabul.

Residential Solitaire, Kabul

Modern living quarter designed as a solitaire and located near to Kabul University.

Ruined Building, Kabul

This building is another tragic reminder of the war in Kabul. This ruin is part of the complex of the former king´s residence in Darul Aman.

Europeans have been hard at work also!


Ateneum is an art museum in the center of Helsinki. The building is designed by Theodor Höijer and it was completed in 1887.

Helsinki Central railway station

Helsinki's first railway station, built in 1860, was replaced with this jugend style building, designed by Eliel Saarinen. Construction started in 1904 and the whole structure was finished in 1919. In 1960 underground shopping mall called "the Tunnel" was constructed under the stations main hall and surrounding square. On 2nd of August 1982 Helsinki's undergound train, called "Metro" started between Cenrtal railway station and Itäkeskus (The East Centrum). In the year 2000 the central platform area was covered with a glass roof, that had been already in Eliel Saarinen's original designs. The station has 19 tracks and about 200 000 passengers travel through the station every day.

Holden Point, Stratford, London

Holden Point in Stratford, London was constructed in 1969, has 22 floors and stands 64 meters tall. It's rooftop observation platform offers stunning views to the London 2012 Olympics site.


edificios en el golf

Estação Pinacoteca - modelo 1.2

Now, back to North America.

Dolphin Point 255

Condo building

City Place

City Place is the tallest building in Hartford, and in all of Connecticut. Construction was completed in 1984. For more information see the Emporis page below.

Conde Nast Building

Also known as 4 Times Square, it was the first ever green building to be built.

Hullmark Centre

Hullmark Centre is a proposed mixed-use high-rise redevelopment of Willowdale Shopping Plaza at the southeast corner of Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue in Toronto's North York Centre. Designed by Kirkor Architects.

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Buildings uploaded on June 12th

We got some new buildings for you. First up, Australia! Oh, looks like Google changed the name of this section to Oceania and it now includes New Zeland!

Telstra House (Adelaide)

Pulteney Tower (Adelaide)

Winnie Bagoes Building

Higher Detail, Height accurate, interactive models and modeling services available from:

Age Care/Canterbury Finace Building, Christchurch, New Zealand

AMI Insurance Building, Latimer Square, Christchruch, New Zealand.

Avonmore House, Christchurch, New Zealand

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Buildings for June 11, 2007

Here are today's buildings

Drottningg. / Strömg. / Fredsg.

This building, located in Stockholm, Sweden, is divided into three larger sections. The section in the middle is called Sagerska palatset, Sager house, and is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden. The east section is were The Ministry for Foreign Affairs resides since 1906. It ws designed by architect Erik Palmstedt and is called Arvfurstens palats, which means something like Heir Prince. The west section is more or less an office building. The Sager house was built around 1640 and Arfurstens palace in 1783-1794, with several reconctruction phases. - - - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arvfurstens_palats
- - - Model made by Stefan Larsson, larstefan@gmail.com


Schiphol Tower West


Hochschule für Musik und Theater München (Führerbau)

Obelisk am Karolinenplatz


Groene Toren, Den haag (The Hague)

OT Theatre Rotterdam

Opened in May 2004 in Lloydkwartier, Rotterdam, the new 180 seat theatre of the Onafhankelijk Toneel. The older buildings include the hall where the theatre used to perform. In their early years these were harbour buildings. The letters 'SVZ' on the dome refer to the 'Scheepvaart Vereniging Zuid', some sort of ship workers union.

Kaunas Castle (Kauno pilis)

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Buildings uploaded on June 8th

Here are the Sketch Up Buildings uploaded for June 8th, 2007

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

History: Former San José Mayor Susan Hammer and San José State University President Robert Caret conceived the idea of a joint University/City Library in 1997. The King Library is the library for San José State University and the Main Branch of the City of San José Library System. The King Library is the third library on this site: San José Public Library 1901-1936, SJSU's Wahlquist Library 1961-2000, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library 2003- Opened August 1, 2003. Cost: Project cost: $177.5 million. Cost is shared by the State of California, the City of San José Redevelopment Authority, San José State University, and by private fundraising. Building Facts: This is the largest library to be built at one time west of the Mississippi - Eight floors plus a mezzanine and lower level. 475,000+ square feet. 11 acres of space. The building has a capacity of 2 million volumes. 5 public elevators, escalators to the 4th. 3,600 seats (more than double the combined seating of previous library facilities. Over 1 million visitors served per year. The Library is free and open to all - no identification or proof of residency is needed to use or enjoy materials within the Library.

111 North First Street

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First Post.

Welcome to SketchUp Buildings! This blog will attempt to showcase the newest photo-realistic buildings from the SketchUp 3D warehouse. People all over the world are constantly adding buildings to the warehouse and this blog will try to highlight the best and newest from this point on.

With that said, here are the first buildings.

Fourth Street Garage

The first building of the site and it is mine! Yes, I built the above model.

Central Station Sydney

From the website:
Central Railway Station (also known as Sydney Terminal) is the largest railway station in Sydney, Australia. It services almost all of the lines on the CityRail network, and is the major terminus for interurban and interstate rail services. Central Station houses the operations of New South Wales Railways and is located at the southern edge of the Sydney Central Business District. Central sits beside Railway Square and is officially located in Haymarket. Central is the station closest to the University of Technology Sydney at Broadway.

Tomb of Nadir Shah

The mausoleum of Nadir Shah is located on top of a low ridge called Tapa Maranjan. Mohammed Nadir Shah was king of Afghanistan from 1929 until his assassination in 1933.

Former Governmental Compound

Former governmental property located at Pol-e Bagh-e Omomi, close to the Agricultural Development bank. The implemented highrise structure is still one of Kabul´s tallest buildings.

Terasen Centre

1166 Alberni

Seattle Tower

The building uses marble from all over the world: France, Spain, Italy, Alaska, Vermont, California, New York and Tennessee; as well as polished pink granite from Texas. At one time over 200 flood lights bathed the tower making people refer to it as the Northern LIGHT Tower. Ziggurat exterior is clad with 33 colors of brick. First building in Seattle to illustrate the Art Deco style. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, record #51505. Originally planned as 24 floors, three more floors were added so that it was one floor higher above sea level than the taller Smith Tower. The marble lobby features intricate bronze panels with a bas-relief ceiling depicting local flora and fauna. The architects controlled the color of brickwork to achieve a subtle gradation, from dark earth tones at the base to much lighter hues descending up, accentuating the building's height and reinforcing its metaphorical relationship with the mountains. The façade design and colors was inspired by local rock formations. The building's design was taken from Eliel Saarinen's second place proposal for the 1922 Chicago Tribune Tower competition. The building was purchased by Trinity Real Estate and Helix Investment Partners in November 2004 for $19.2 million. Winner of the AIA Honor Award 1962. Construction Completed: 1928; Maximum Height: 97m (318ft); Floors: 27

Griffith Observatory

Opened to public May 14, 1935. The Observatory, along with Griffith Park itself, was donated to the City of Los Angeles by Welsh immigrant Griffith J. Griffith. Its planetarium was America's third-ever, and also one of the world's largest at 75 feet across. Originally designed to be sheathed in terra cotta and ceramic tile, the building was instead fashioned of reinforced concrete because of potential earthquake damage. Other building materials included wood, brass, copper, and travertine. From 2002 until 2007, the Observatory closed its doors to the public for its first major capital improvement since opening in 1935. After the 93-million dollar renovation, restoration, and expansion project was complete, public space within the building more than doubled. New architectural and exhibit features, designed to complement the existing art deco structure, include updated and expanded interactive displays, larger observation terraces, a completely reconstructed and re-envisioned planetarium dome and program (said to be the world's finest), and entrances allowing easy access to all. The Observatory's new Cafe at the End of the Universe is operated by famous chef Wolfgang Puck. Original building architects-- Frederic Ashley and John Austin (inspired by the sketches of John Porter). Renovation architects-- Levin and Associates, and Pfeiffer Partners. Model by Zoungy.

100 Constitution Plaza

Alberta Labour Building

So, there you go, the first post of the blog! Hopefully this blog will be able to keep up with all the great buildings that are being created.