e hënë, 21 janar 2008

I am teaching a Google Earth class.

Just a quick post for you readers that live in the Bay Area. I will be teaching a class on Google Earth at San Francisco City College, January 26th, February 2nd, and February 9th 2008. The class will consist of an overview of Google Earth's functionality, how to create a your own KMZ file, ( placemark, line or polygon) and then we will learn how to embed the KMZ into a blog or webpage using My Maps. We will even touch on SketchUp, and how to create photo-textured buildings. Here is the official announcement and contact information if you want to sign up. The website is here.

This workshop will present the student with an overview of Google Earth. By the end of the class, students will be able to create their own data for Google Earth, import that data into Google Maps, and embed the Google Maps into a blog or webpage.

Who should take this workshop?
• Students and teachers that are interested in using Google Earth and virtual globes in class or for presentations
• Professionals that want to show ideas using Google Earth
• Anyone that interested in using Google Earth resources and data for business or personal use
• Geography enthusiasts, urban planners, educators, students and anyone interested in new technology

For enrollment information contact:

Suzanne Korey
Phone: 415-550-4420
Email: skorey@ccsf.edu

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