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Buildings uploaded for January 8, 2008

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

St. Louis, Missouri

Civil Courts

The Civil Courts building in St. Louis was designed by Klipstein and Rathmann in a mixture of Greco-Egypto-Assyro-Babylonian styles. The building was completed in 1930 in the heart of the city. Funding for construction came from a 1923 bond issue. The top of the building consists of a pyramid with two griffins sitting on top. The griffins represent human mercy tempering justice with the replacement of human faces for traditional griffins. Model by Catherine Moats.

Grandel Theater

The Grandel Theater is the home of the St. Louis Black Repertory Theater. Originally a church built in 1884, the Grandel Theater was converted to its current state in 1992. The Black Repertory Theater company is the largest professional African-American theater company in the nation. Model created by Jordan Van Wyk.

Hartford, Connecticut

CT Science Center

Overlooking downtown Hartford and Aedrian's Landing, The Connecticut Science Center was designed by Cesar Pelli & Associates. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2008. 95% of the steel used in building the Science Center is from recycled cars. The geometry for this model was converted from 3D definition of the building provided by Cesar Pelli & Associates.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Omni William Penn Hotel

From the day the doors opened on March 9, 1916, the Omni William Penn Hotel has been an integral part of Pittsburgh history. Long considered the most prestigious hotel in the city, the William Penn hosts numerous movie stars, political figures, and other high profile celebrities who come to Pittsburgh. Model by Alex Juhola.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Don Wheaton Family YMCA and Manulife II Parkade

Stationlands - EPCOR Tower

The new EPCOR tower is the first phase of the larger Stationlands project, with construction scheduled to begin in early 2008. This model is based on public renderings and should not be considered accurate.

H.V. Shaw Building and Maverick Brewery

H.V. Shaw Building: Built in 1913, Magoon and MacDonald Architects. Maverick Brewery: Built in 2005, Gene Dub Architect

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Ching Fu Enterprise Center

Ching Fu Enterprise Center located at the Kaohsiung Software Technology Plaza near the Kaohsiung Harbor. The building itself is the first constructed building in the area fund by Ching Fu Shipbuilding Company. It is designed by Richard Rogers Partnership with the concept of a pile of glass bricks into the harbor with high technology style.

Container Art "Kaohsiung Sea Mile 509025.6

Container Art "Kaohsiung Sea Mile 509025.6" located at the entrance to Shin Kuan Pier. It's set up in 2001 Kaohsiung Container Art Festival by local artist Mr. Wu, and for now it has become the permanent public art for the citizens. Assembled by 6 red container, the number "509025.6" represent how long can a container go after the dacade of it's age.

Braunschweig, Germany

Barocker Festungsring Braunschweig

Nach der Rückeroberung Braunschweigs durch die Fürsten von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel 1671 wurde 1692 damit begonnen einen Wallring in Völkerscher Manier, einer Abwandlung der neu-niederländischen Manier zu errichten. Besonders in den Jahren 1727/28 als Braunschweig mit Hannover Krieg führte wurd der Bau voran getreben, zum Einsatz kam der Wall allerdings nie. Er bestand größtenteils aus Erdwällen, lediglich der Glacisfuß war mit einer Backsteinmauer vor dem Abrutschen in die Oker geschützt. Nachdem der Wall aufgrund veränderter Kriegstechnik nutzlos wurde, und die Unterhaltskosten dem Nutzen nicht mehr gleich waren beschloss man den Wall ab 1801 zu schleifen und durch den Promenadenring Joseph-Peter Krahes zu ersetzen. Einige Bollwerke wurden teilweise erhalten, so die beiden Bollwerke im Theater- und Museumspark, oder der Gaußberg.

Istanbul, Turkey

Marriott Otel

Antwerp, Belgium

Teniers Building

Heterogeneous block containing apartments, offices, shops and a hotel, with Teniers Building on the southern tip

Theater Building

21 story Theater Building (1969) rises 76 meters and contains mostly offices with some commercial spaces on the ground floor

Madrid, Spain

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