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Buildings uploaded for January 8, 2008

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Bow

Designed by Foster and Partners, The Bow is a 158,000 square meter (1.7-million-sq.-ft.) office building currently under construction for the headquarters of EnCana Corporation. The skyscraper will be built in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. At 774 feet, the building will be the tallest office tower in Canada outside of Toronto. The 58 stories were reduced from 59 originally (and 810 feet) over concerns of shadows being cast on the popular river pathways.

Centennial Place

Centennial Place are two office towers in downtown Calgary, in the Eau Claire neighbourhood (to be complete in 2009). The East Tower is 40 floors, and 540 feet, while the shorter West Tower is 24 floors and 326 feet. They were named after Alberta's Centennial year.

Osaka, Japan

Shin-Asahi Building

Asahi Shimbun Building, Osaka Asahi Building

Nürnberg, Deutschland

Kongresshalle Nürnberg

The congress hall at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg was built as a meeting hall for the party days of the Nazi Party. The massive building was designed for 50,000 participants. The construction work were stoped during the World War II. So the building was not completed. Especially the viewers ranks in the interior and the roof are missing. The building is 275m long, 256m wide and about 40m high. It is probably the largest building in Nuremberg. From the west side it reminds at the Colosseum in Rome. In the north wing is located the Documentation Centre of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds with the very interesting exhibition "Fasziantion and Terror". In south wing the Nuremberg Symphony have their domicile. The main building serves as a warehouse.

Oldenburg, Germany

LZO Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg / Bremer Landesbank

Paris, France

Les Poissons tower (Paris)

hamburg / germany

Polizeikommissariat 25

La Plata, Argentina

Puente giratorio – Ensenada

Estructura de hierro de principios de siglo, característica de la arquitectura industrial de la época. Pese a su estado de abandono, sus instalaciones funcionan adecuadamente Obra de ingeniería de 1890. Permitía el acceso ferroviario desde Ensenada, sobre el Canal Oeste, al sector portuario.

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