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Buildings uploaded for January 23, 2008

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Belém – Brazil

Diamond Tower

Lima, Peru.

Edificio de la Dirincri

Edificio en la av. Wilson

Edificio en la av. Wilson

Edificio de la Sunat

Edificio Rimac

Edificio Angloperuano

Edificio en la av. Wilson

Museo de Arte Italiano

Museo Historico Militar

Museo de Arte

Pabellon Morisco

Teatro La cabaña

Lima-Museo de Arte-v2(by 3dHH)

Nuremberg, Germany

St. Sebald Church – Nuremberg

The Sebaldus-church is the older of the two major double-tower churches in the Nuremberg Old Town. Originally built in 1230 as late romanesque basilica in the following centuries repeatedly rebuilt and expanded until 1483. With the increase of the two towers (to approximately 80m) it's received the final gothic form. From the original romanesque building is still conserved the west choir protruding between the towers. However, even here later 3 high gothic windows were implemented. In front of the midle window is adapted a crucifix made by Johan Wurzelbauer. Inside the church is the tomb of St. Sebaldus the patron saint of Nuremberg. Until the Reformation (since 1525 the Sebalduskirche is Evangelical Lutheran) found numerous pilgrimages to his grave. Furthermore, there are many important works of art, such as the "Bamberger window" by Albrecht Dürer, in the inner church. In the 2nd World War II, the church was badly damaged and in the years after rebuilt until 1952.

Phoenix, Arizona

US Airways Center

Formerly known as the America West Arena, the US Airways Center is a sports and entertainment facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. With the intent of replacing the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, construction for the new Arena began in 1988 and was inaugurated in 1993. The Arena is home to the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, the AFL’s Arizona Rattlers, and the ECHL’s Phoenix Roadrunners.

Environmental Showcase Home

The Environmental Showcase Home (ESH) in Phoenix, Arizona was designed in response to the extreme climate of the Sonora desert. This project was commissioned by the Arizona Public Service, to introduce a full range of environmentally responsible design ideas, systems, and products to mass-market, production housing builders. Areas of special attention included climate-specific design, energy and water conservation, sensitive material selection, public health concerns, and waste reduction. The design team used both passive strategies and active systems to achieve the main goal of reducing residential energy use and overall environmental impact in mass-market, production building. Other initiatives toward this goal throughout the project were water conservation, waste reduction, and the evaluation of materials through a life-cycle assessment.

Orpheum Lofts

One of Phoenix's last remaining Art Deco skyscrapers, originally the Title and Trust Building, completed in 1931 at 11 Stories high. At the time of its completion, the original Title and Trust Building was the largest office building in the state of Arizona. The building was Converted into 90 residential lofts in 2002 - 2003.

Luhrs Center

The Luhrs Center consists of two buildings, the Luhrs Building and the Luhrs Tower, both designed by the El Paso architectural firm of Trost & Trost. The Luhrs Building was constructed in 1924 at 10 floors, the top floors where home to the Arizona Club from 1924 to 1971. The building is faced with brown brick, marble, and cornice. The Luhrs Tower was constructed in 1929, at 185 feet, 14 floors. The art-deco skyscraper was one of the tallest buildings in the state of Arizona at the time of its construction. The building is heavily resembled by the O. T. Bassett Tower in El Paso, another Trost & Trost building, completed one year later with one more floor. Model also includes an office building at Jefferson Street and Soun Central Avenue.

Collier Center

The Collier Center, was planned to be a three towered multi-use office and entertainment complex. The Collier Center includes a Hard Rock Cafe, Kinkos, Rubios, and much more. Only one tower was ever constructed, the 361 Foot, 24 Story Bank of America Tower, completed in 2000. The Bank of America Tower is the state headquarters for Bank of America since 2001. The Collier Center was designed by Opus Architects and Engineers and The Jerde Partnership. The complex is located in Copper Square ajecent to the U.S. Airways Arena in Downtown Phoenix.

Washington DC

National Gallery of Art - East Building

The East Building of the National Gallery of Art was built between 1971 and 1978. Designed by I. M. Pei, the angles of the building reflect the angles of the streets bordering it, most notably Pennsylvania Avenue. The center of the building is a large atrium with a ceiling of space-frame glass pyramids. The building is faced with lavender-pink marble from the same quarry in Tennessee as the marble in John Russell Pope's 1941 West Building, creating a harmony between the two. The East Building's collection focuses on modern and contemporary art with a changing series of special exhibitions.

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