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Buildings uploaded for August 27, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Adelaide, South Australia

Bent Street Apartments (Adelaide)

The Bent Street Apartment complex is a 7 storey building consisting of ground floor retail, car parking and 100 residential apartments. Completed in October 2004. Bent Street Apartments are located on the corner of Bent and York Streets in Adelaide City.

Taipei, Taiwan

(Chong-Yang Bridge)

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Twin Tower Hotel

Shanghai Hong Qiao Hotel ( ) and Shanghai Galaxy Hotel ( ) are both 4 star hotels and they are identiacal in structure. Galaxy Hotel is 3 years younger though.

Decazeville, France

Usine désaffectée, Decazeville

Centre Hospitalier Pierre Delpech, Décazeville

Wuppertal / Germany

Eigentümergemeinschaft Höhne/Schuchardstr

Verbund von 4 Häuser, Eigentumswohnungen, citynah, Fußgängerzone. Standort des Sanitätshaus C.Beuthel: www.beuthel.de

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Lietuvos draudimo pastatas klaipedoje

London, England

Tower Bridge, London

Built in 1894, Tower Bridge is one of the most recognisable structures in London. Standing 65m above its platforms it is the tallest bridge going across the Thames. When first built, steam engines would pump to drive the 1000 ton bascules up to full height in less than a minute. Today they are powered electrically. In 1952 a red London bus jumped a 3ft gap between the bascules after a traffic light was stuck on go. A number of pilots have attempted to fly under Tower Bridge with at least one hitting the Thames and dying. The space between it is only 65m x 30m.

The Upstream Building (Shell Centre), London

The Upstream Building, more commonly known as the Shell Centre, stands at 107m tall, with 26 floors. When built in 1961 it was Europe's largest office complex. The Shell Tower caused a major row. Violating planning rules it was originally expected to be refused until Shell threatened to locate elsewhere in Europe if they did not get their HQ built where they wanted it.

Montevideo y Punta del Este Uruguay

Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel, Montevideo, Torres Norte y Sur

Antena Canal 10 Saeta TV

Davenport, Iowa

2nd Street and Pershing Avenue Buildings

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

140 Bathurst Street

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