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Buildings Uploading on July 8th

Here are the buildings uploaded since my last post.

Bucharest, Romania

Modern Architecture Bucharest

Near Revolution Square in Bucharest, old buildings got new life, and hight. Modern building on top of old one, dameged during Romanian Revolution in 1989.

Antipa Museum Bucharest

The museum was officialy born in 1832,and since, under the name od National Museum of Natural History is just revieling the mistery of nature to all interested people.

Linköping Östergötland

Church of S:t Lars (Sankt Larskyrkan)

With its roots in the 12th century, this church today has the look of an 19th century church. ( current form 1802)

Sevilla, Spain

Real Fabrica de Tabacos


Piedras Blancas, Castrillon, Asturias Spain

Parquesoles I, II y II

Madrid, Spain

El Ruedo, Madrid

La Puerta del Sol

Hartford Connecticut

Israel Putnam Statue

The Courtyard by Marriot

Atlanta, Georgia

The Campanile (Bell South Building)

Designed by Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates The Campanile stands at 367 ft tall with 20 stories spanning its glass and stone frame. Model created by Nathan Kohrmann.

Kilpatrick Stockton

This 28-story high-rise, also known as 1100 Peachtree, received the EPA "Energy Star" designation in 2000, the first high-rise in Atlanta to receive the designation. The building architects were Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart and Stewart & Associates. The top octagonal feature of the building has a ziggurat-like, stair-stepped top with lighting which accentuates the building at night. Completed in 1991, the building is 428 ft tall. Model by Lars Zimmerman.

The Spire Condominium

The Spire Condominium in Atlanta, Georgia is a 29 floor, upscale residence with mixed use ground levels. This tower is constructed with every unit having a balcony, breaking up the glass façade on the north and south sides. It boasts views of both midtown and downtown Atlanta. The Spire is 450 feet tall to the top of the spire, it’s most prominent feature. Model created by Adam Hecht.

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