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Buildings Uploading on July 29th

Here are the buildings uploaded to Google's 3D Warehouse, Cities in Development, since my last post.

Dubai, UAE

21 st Century Tower

Height (struct.) 269 m 883 ft Floors (OG) 55 Construction end 2003

Osaka, Japan

Acty Nishi Building

Dublin, Ireland

Digital Exchange

The Digital Hub is an Irish Government initiative to create an international centre of excellence for knowledge, innovation and creativity focused on digital content and technology enterprises. The core development of nine acres is located a ten minute walk from the city centre within the historic Liberties area of Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. Over the next decade, this initiative will create a mixed-use development, consisting of enterprise, residential, retail, learning and civic space. The project is managed by an Irish government agency, the Digital Hub Development Agency, which was established in July 2003.

Looks like Google added another city to Cities in Developments.

Porto Alegre, Brazil


Site: 2 acres. exterior Finish:Cotton white granite from ceara sate of Brazil. Temple Design: Classic modern, single-spire design. Number of Rooms:Twoordinance rooms and two sealing. Total Floor Area:10,700square feet.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bouchard Tower

Edificio Puerto Leon

Edificios Porteño Plaza 1 y 2

Torre Berlingieri

Paseo Colón 185

Torre Le Park

Hotel Las Naciones

edificio Chacofi

edificio IRSA

Edificio San Martin 380

Torre Banco Galicia

Torre Telecom

Lima, Perú

edificio IMARPE

Glorieta en el Gran Parque de Lima

New York City, New York

Le Rivage Apartments

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