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Buildings Uploaded on July 10, 2007

Here are the buildings uploaded the Google 3D Warehouse "Cities in Development" since my last post.

Paris, France

Hôtel des Invalides

Barcelona, Spain

Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona

Madrid, Spain

El Museo del Prado

Dublin, Ireland

The Farm

The Farm is an award-winning Dublin-based Digital Postproduction company with years of experience providing Audio, Graphic, Video and Rostrum services to the Commercial, Broadcast and Corporate sectors. For example we delivered the 'A little Brit different' idents for BBC America and our RTÉ Guide promo won at the 2007 Promax World Awards held in New York in June. As well as TV and Radio, The Farm delivers broadcast quality projects for other media such as Viral Campaigns and DVDs - we have delivered a number of property visualisations for developers and their agents and created a computer model of Medieval Dublin from 800 to 1540 A.D for an educational DVD.

Lima, Peru

edificio en el golf

Córdoba, Argentina

Edificio La Cañada

Edificio Agustina

Edificio Plaza España

Cordoba y Cañada

Chicago, Illinois

Wilbur Wright College

Wilbur Wright College was established in 1934 by the Chicago Board of Education as one of the system of three city junior colleges designed to serve the post-secondary educational needs of Chicago citizens. Except for a three-year period during World War II, when the U.S. Navy took it over for training purposes, the college remained in its initial location at 3400 N. Austin Ave. until the recent move to a new campus at 4300 N. Narragansett Ave. in 1993. In 1966, Wright and the other city colleges were reorganized into a new community college district, named the City Colleges of Chicago, with its own Board of Trustees and taxing authority. This system includes colleges which, in turn, are a part of the State system comprising 40 public community college districts and 49 individual colleges.

Harold Washington College

Harold Washington College is part of the City Colleges of Chicago, located in the Chicago Loop. Founded in 1962 as Loop College, the college was renamed for African-American Chicago mayor Harold Washington after his death in 1987. The school was dedicated to Washington's memory in 1988. Model by Lars Zimmerman.

CNA Plaza - Super Bears

In the week before the Chicago Bears visit to the Super Bowl, CNA Plaza went super with a "Super Bears" lighted window message. This January 2007 design also featured a bear head and added the roman numerals for the Big Game, "XLI".

Seattle, Washington

Wells Fargo Center, Seattle

The six sided Wells Fargo Center, rises 47 Floors, 574 feet above the Seattle Cityscape. The building was completed in 1983, designed by McKinley Architects.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

HSBC Building

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