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Buildings uploaded on July 17, 2007

Here are the buildings uploaded since my last post. Sorry I am a bit late today, but better late than never.

Sydney, New South Wales, Austrailia

World Tower

World Tower is the 13th skyscraper to hold the title of Sydney's tallest building. It was also the 10th title holder of Australia's tallest residential building, surpassing Century Tower. - This project had several architects since the early 1990's, including Peddle Thorp & Walker. - This was the tallest residential tower in the southern hemisphere until completion of Q1 Tower. - 78 of the building's 715 units are commercial suites. - The elevators equalled the fastest in Australia when built, travelling at 9 meters per second. - Level 50 holds a 5 x 25 meter swimming pool (25m x 5m), 155 meters above street level. It was the highest in Australia until the 217-meter high pool on the 74th level of Q1 Tower was completed. - World Tower has the most lifts in Australia for an apartment building with a total of 15.

A 1939 australian street

a street in sydney in1939 that all of the building where demolished at some point

houses,and apartmants

by the sydney oprer house and harbor bridge

Tokyo, Japan

Eurotechnology - Tokyo

Eurotechnology builds high-tech and telecom businesses in Japan

Osaka, Japan

Virtual Umeda 2007 Project Update, Watanabe Recruit Building (渡辺リクルートビル), Umeda Dai-ichi Seimei Building (梅田第一生命ビル)

Wuppertal / Germany

Alter Hatzfelder Wasserturm - Wuppertal

Sevilla, Spain

San Francisco Javier 18

Palacio de la Buhaira

Munich, Germany

Technisches Rathaus

Katowice, Poland

Katowice, Gwiazdy, Rozdzienskiego v.20070717h

Gwiazdy - Star Buildings - 7 Star Looking 24 floor SkyScrypers in Katowice, Poland. This model is still in production stage by simply shows how these building looks like. Models looks like they are moved about few meteres from oryginal position - it is OK beceuse photos are taken from a litle angle so bottom and top are not exactly one on other. On this model Stars are in correct position - not on the top of themselves.

London, England

St Helens , London

St Helen's stands at 118m and has 28 floors, making it one of the tallest buildings in 'The City Of London'. In the past five years the building has changed its name 3 times. First CGNU, then Aviva Tower, and now St Helen's, named after the nearby church.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Toren Overhoeks

Breitner Center

Ezelsoor Museumplein

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Libertador 2201

planetario de buenos aires

Lima, Peru

Condominio Fortaleza de Campoy 4

Condominio Fortaleza de Campoy 3

Condominio Fortaleza de Campoy 2

Condominio Fortaleza de Campoy 1

edificio av. tacna 11

edificio av. tacna 12

edificio av. la colmena c/n av. tacna

San Jose, California

The Tech Museum of Innovation

The Tech Museum of Innovation is a hands-on technology and science museum for people of all ages and backgrounds.

New York City, New York

National Westminster Bank

New York City

Continental Center

Amherst, Massachusetts


This 3D Model was created with SketchUp in 2006 by Green Mountain GeoGraphics for the Town of Amherst. http://gisobsessed.blogspot.com Updated & Posted in 2007 by Innovative Design Concepts http://www.IDC-Drafting.com

141 North Pleasant St

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