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Buildings uploaded for December 5, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Nagoya, Japan
Nagoya City Hall West Annex

Looks like we have another city added to Citites in Development. Let’s all welcome…

Athens, Greece
Handball Stadium
Kallithea Stadium "Gregoris Lambrakis"(EL_PASO)

Peristeri Stadium

Hondos Center, Athens
"Hondos Center" is a company which was created by Hondos brothers in 1967, nowadays many "Hondos Centers" can be found in cities all over Greece. The superstore in Omonia is a big one in Athens.

Paris, France
Tour CB16, Courbevoie
Construite en 1971, la tour CB16 fait partie de la première génération de tours à la défense. Initialement conçue par Saubot, Arsac, Gravereaux et Cassagnes, elle a été rénovée en 2003 sous la direction du groupe Kohn, Pedersen & Fox.

Madrid, Spain
Museo Cosmocaixa Madrid
Description Museo de las ciencias Cosmocaixa. Está situado en Alcobendas, en el norte de Madrid y depende de la Obra Social de "La Caixa"

Dublin, Ireland
Christ Church Cathedral, Christchurch Place, Dublin 8, Ireland
Standing on high ground in the oldest part of the city, this cathedral is one of Dublin's finest historic buildings. It dates back to 1038 when Sitric, the then Danish king of Dublin, built the first wood here. In 1171 the original simple foundation was extended into a cruciform and rebuilt in stone by Strongbow, although the present structure dates mainly from 1871 to 1878 when a huge restoration was undertaken. Only the transepts, the crypt, and a few other portions date from the medieval times. Highlights of the interior include magnificent stonework and graceful pointed arches, with delicately chiselled supporting columns. Strongbow himself is among the historic figures buried in the church, as is archbishop Browne, the first Protestant to occupy the church, during the reign of the English King Henry 8th. It is the mother church for the Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough of the Church of Ireland.

Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Edificio San Martin

Lima, Perú
Hotel Sheraton de Lima
hecho a fototextura, recomendable bajar con torre de lima y centro civico a fototextura (hechos por el mismo autor), enjoy!!

New York City, New York
Chrysler Building

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Inn on the Park

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