e hënë, 10 dhjetor 2007

Buildings uploaded for December 10, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Nouméa, New Caledonia, France

South District Hall, Noumea

Tel Aviv, Israel

Migdal Hame'a (Century Tower)


The Century tower is a 18 floor office building that was built during the 80's. The tower stands above a small commercial center. The KLM headquater in Israel is located in this building.

Bangkok, Thailand

Pornpat Center

Osaka, Japan

Nakanoshima Center Building

Nakanoshima Intes

Athens, Greece

Agii Apostoli, Athens


The Church of the Holy Apostles was the only building left standing when the whole of this quarter of the city was pulled down to permit the excavation of the Agora. Originally built in the 10th C. over a circular nymphaion (sacred spring) and subsequently much altered, it has been reconstructed in its original form. The exterior is notable for its good ashlar masonry and the ornamental use of Kufic inscriptions. The dome is borne on four columns, and the apse and transepts have semicircular conches. There are well-preserved frescoes of Christ Pantocrator (Ruler of All: in the dome), John the Baptist, cherubim and archangels. Parts of the original 11th C. iconostasis have been preserved. The paintings in the narthex (ca. 1700) are from St Spyridon's Church.

Brandenburg an der Havel

Sporthalle Hammerstraße


Im Rahmen des Förderprogrammes "ZiS - Zunkunft im Stadtteil" sanierte Sporthalle in der Hammerstraße der Stadt Brandenburg an der Havel.

Barcelona, Spain

Illa de Llum, Barcelona


Torres de apartamentos situadas en Diagonal Mar Barcelona. Son dos torres, una de 88 metros y 26 plantas y otra de 18 plantas diseñadas por Lluis Clotet e Ignacio Paricio. Destacan por su curiosa fachada cambiante de persianas correderas de aluminio, sus amplias terrazas con vistas al Mediterráneo y a la zona Fórum.

Illa de Llac, Barcelona

Illa de Bosc, Barcelona

Asunción, Paraguay

Edificio Planeta 1

San Jose, California

The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose

The Pavilion

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Madison Centre

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