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Buildings uploaded for October 11, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Zimbabwe, Africa

Boka Islip House

The building is located at 34 Samora Machel Harare. The Blue Marble Project is carefully building high quality digital 3D models from around the world. Blue Marble taps into the talent of world-class digital artists to deliver content streamlined for Google Earth, one building, city or district at a time. Want to see more of your world in 3D? Visit http://bluemarbleproject.com for a full listing of digital assets and services.

Hong Kong, China

CamelPaint Block 1

Lisbon, Portugal

Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno

Inaugurada em 1892. Foi recentemente recuperada e transformada numa sala de espectáculos multi-usos e numa galeria comercial subterrânea com parque de estacionamento e ligação ao metro. Continua a ser o palco do espectáculo tauromáquico mais importante do país. Goste-se ou não e polémicas à parte: É um belo monumento!

Istanbul, Turkey

Yapı Kredi Binası

Yapı Kredi Genel Müdürlük Yapı Kredi’nin 1998 yılında hizmete giren 30 katlı Genel Müdürlük binası, Yüksek Mühendis Mimar F.Haluk Tümay’ın projesi ile Yapı Kredi Koray tarafından inşa edildi. Kullandığı en son iletişim, iklimleme ve güvenlik teknolojileri ile “akıllı binalar” sınıfında değerlendirilen binada yaklaşık 1000 kişi çalışıyor. 5190 metrekare arsa üzerine inşa edilen binanın toplam 40.935 metrekarelik inşaat alanı bulunuyor. Yapı Kredi Headquarters Inaugurated in 1998, Yapı Kredi’s 30-storey headquarters building was designed by Arch. F.Haluk Tümay, M.Sc. and built by Yapı Kredi Koray. Its state-of-the-art communication, acclimatization and security technologies qualify the building that houses 1000 employees as a “smart building”. The Yapı Kredi headquarters was built on a property of 5,190 square meters and it has a total floor area of 40,935 square meters.

Paris, France

Granite tower

Pacific tower

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Looks like we have another city added to Cities in Development. Let’s all welcome…

Westminster, Colorado

McGraw & McGraw Building

Cafe Mexico

Red & White Market

We have another city added. Let’s all welcome…

Cleveland, Ohio

Justice Center Complex

The Justice Center Complex in downtown Cleveland opened in 1976 and consists of the city Police Headquarters and the Cuyahoga County Courts Tower. The tower, 420 ft. tall with 26 stories, was designed by Prindle, Patrick and Partners Architects, and the Police Headquarters was designed by Richard Bowen and Associates.

M.K. Ferguson Plaza

M.K. Ferguson Plaza was originally built as Cleveland’s main Post Office building in 1934. In 1989, the building was renovated and renamed for the MK-Ferguson engineering and construction firm. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cuyahoga County Jail Building

This Cuyahoga County Jail Annex was completed in 1994 as an additional jail facility to the Cuyahoga County Justice Center complex. Designed by Robert P. Madison Architects it is 173 feet tall with 12 floors.

Cleveland Federal Building

The Cleveland Federal Building and United States Courthouse, also known as the Old Federal Building, is at the northeast corner of Public Square. It was built between 1902-1910 and designed to house the Post Office, District Court, Circuit Court and other Federal agencies. The building, designed by architect Arnold W. Brunner, is an excellent example of the neo-classical design philosophy prevalent in the first decades of the twentieth century and is a significant landmark to downtown Cleveland.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2 Queen Street East (Maritime Life Building)

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