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Buildings uploaded for October 1, 2007

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Bank Building (Adelaide)

Bremen, Germany

Weser-Tower Bremen

Neues noch in Planung befindliches höchstes Hochhaus der Stadt (82m). Soll 2009 im neuen Stadtteil Überseestadt fertiggestellt sein. Architekt ist der in Nürnberg geborene Starachitekt Helmut Jahn aus Chicago. Das Gebäude hat 22 Etagen und istvollständig mit Glas verkleidet.

Cafe ALEX am Domshof in Bremen (Vorläufig)


Kaufhalle am Brill

Neue umgestaltete Kaufhalle am Brill. Die ursprüngliche Kaufhalle wurde 1964 von Max Säume erbaut. 2007 wurde sie nach Plänen der Berliner Architekten Grüntuch Ernst aufwendig umgestaltet und beherbergt nun Einkaufmöglichkeiten auf zwei Etagen, sowie einen dreistöckigen Wintergarten und Gastronomie.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

De Ruyter, Rotterdam

Appartment block with 72 dwellings, by Frits van Dongen (de Architekten Cie) completed in 2004.

Crescendo, Rotterdam

Appartment building, completed 2007. The low-rise section contains 6 homes of three storys each, then there are four duplex appartments on the ground floor and first floor of the tower, and 44 single-story appartments divided between the next eleven layers. The top three stories of the tower are shared by three very spacious luxury appartments. All the dwellings are finished to a high quality and have wonderful views of the park, the rivers and the city.

RTV Rijnmond, Rotterdam

Headquarters of local news broadcaster Radio Rijnmond, TV Rijnmond, RijnmondText and Rijnmond.nl. This new building has been in use since May 2007. RTV Rijnmond is the regional public radio and television broadcast station for the area Zuid-Holland-Zuid. Radio Rijnmond began in 1983, and TV Rijnmond exists since 2000. Since 2001 RTV is publicly funded, with some 6,5% of airtime sold for advertising. RTV Rijnmond has space for 110 full-time staff and a wide network of freelancers. For a public broadcasting station, journalistic independence is absolutely essential. The mission is to spread news and information particularly about the Rijnmond region to a broad public using radio, television and internet. RTV has the ambition to be the leading source of local information for South Holland-south. Relevant, independent, reliable, balanced, approachable, varied and interesting, with interest in and for everybody in the region.

London, England

122 Leadenhall street (Under Demolition), London

122 Leadenhall Street is currently under demolition (Sep 07) to make way for the new 224m tall Leadenhall Building. The building is being unusually being demolished by McGee that has created a building which seemingly hovers in mid-air. This is due to the top down construction that has a central core supporting a crown that works as a cantilever to support the floors slung under it hence the need to demolish the lowest floors and work up. It's been made even harder by the fact that this was originally a building with bank vaults with concrete walls at times over 1.5 metres thick - enough to stop even Michael Caine getting into for the gold! The building, at the stands at its original height of 54m.

20 Fenchurch Street, London

20 Fenchurch Street was built in 1968 and is due to be demolished soon (Autumn/Winter 07). The building stands at 92m tall with 25 floors. The building will be replaced with another much taller building which will stands at 160m and should be built by 2010.

Barcelona, Spain

New Nou Camp

After 50 years of wonderful memories, the Camp Nou is looking to the future with optimism. The world-famous firm of architects, Foster + Partners, is to undertake the remodelling of the stadium based on the initial concepts of Francesc Mitjans. Home of FC Barcelona this new stadium will feature a glittering facade studded with colored polycarbonate and glass panels, creating a scaly skin of sorts, serving to shade, shelter, provide natural ventilation, and make a strong visual statement. The redesign will increase the Camp Nou's capacity from 98,000 to 106,000. The construction work will begin in 2009 and is due to be completed by the start of the 2011-2012 season. Total cost of the project is 250 million euro. Model made by Stefan Larsson, larstefan@gmail.com

Stockholm, Sweden

Gustaf Vasa kyrka

Located in Vasastaden, Stockholm, Sweden, this church opened its gates to the public in 1906. It was desigend by architect Agi Lindegren and in 1923-1924 it was expanded under the supervision of Gustaf Lindegren.The church is currently the largest one in Stockholm, with about 1500 seating places. Model made by Stefan Larsson, larstefan@gmail.com

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Schiphol Hangar 14

Hanger number 14 of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Schiphol Building

Schiphol Pier B

Schiphol Pier F

Schiphol Terminal 3

Bogota, Colombia

Corficolombiana building

Corficolombiana, is an extended acronym for La Corporacion Financiera Colombiana (Colombian Financial Corporation). Corficolombiana is a private company dealing in financial solutions, with its customers being some of the largest corporations in Colombia. Its primary mission is to provide the necessary capital to promote the creation, growth, reorganisation, merger and expansion of any type of business.

Arequipa, Peru

Imaginario - Arequipa World Trade Center

Lima, Peru

Hotel Bolivar

Portal de Zela

Portal de Pumacahua

Montreal, QC, Canada


Place des Arts is a major arts centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Located in the eastern part of the city's downtown ( 45°30 31.40″N, 73°34 02.10″W), between Ste-Catherine and de Maisonneuve Streets, and St-Urbain and Jeanne-Mance streets, the complex is home to the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and the Opéra de Montréal. Place des Arts was an initiative of Mayor Jean Drapeau, a noted lover of opera, as part of a project to expand the downtown core eastward from the concentration of business and financial activity in the centre-west part of downtown. The Corporation George-Étienne-Cartier, named in honour of George-Étienne Cartier, a Father of Confederation and opera lover, was set up to build it, and the first part of the complex (including the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier) was inaugurated on September 21, 1963. The other theatres were added progressively. The Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal was added to the complex on May 28, 1992. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Place_des_Arts

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

St. James Town

St. James Town, located in the northeastern part of Toronto's downtown, is a major high-rise residential community in Toronto. It houses approximately 17,000 residents, making it the most densely populated community in Canada. Originally developed in the 1960s to house urban professionals, today it is home to mostly low to middle income immigrant families.

83 Redpath

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