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Buildings uploaded for March 14, 2008

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Osaka, Japan

Ajinomoto Group Osaka Building

Copenhagen, Denmark

Black diamond building, Copenhagen

Marmorkirken, Copenhagen

Scandic hotel Copenhagen

Carlsberg Hovedkontor

Nuremberg, Germany

Passions Kriche



Art-Line Handelskontor (google earth version)


Hotel Europejski

Wuppertal / Germany

Wohn u. Geschäftskomplex Rolingswerth

Rome, Italy

San Nicola in Carcere - Titular Church, Rome

San Nicola in Carcere (Italian, "St Nicholas in prison") is a titular church in Rome near the Forum Boarium in rione Ripa. The first church on the site was probably built in the 6th century, and a 10th century inscription may be seen on a fluted column next to the entrance, but the first definite dedication is from a plaque on the church dating to 1128. It was constructed in and from the ruins of the Forum Holitorium and its temples, along with a jail (carcer). Spolia from all these ancient remains is still apparent in the church's construction, most particularly three columns from the Temple of Juno Sospita which are incorporated into both the 10th century and 1599 north facades of the church. The dedication to St Nicholas was made by the Greek population in the area. In the 11th century, it was known as the church of Petrus Leonis, referring to the converted Jewish family who rebuilt the nearby Theatre of Marcellus as a fortress. The church was rebuilt in 1599, with a new facade by Giacomo della Porta (though the medieval campanile - originally a fortified tower, then adapted to a bell tower after being abandoned - was not altered).

Asunción, Paraguay

Casa de la Independencia

La Plata, Argentina

Edificio de los Triangulos

Departamentos en La Plata

Edificio de Departamentos en La Plata

São Paulo

Estação Julio Prestes

Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge

Rome, NY, USA

Rocco Gualtieri’s Italian Market

Iron Kettle Restaurant/DCAP Insurance

Mill St. Bridge

Brunswick, Maine

Domino's Pizza

Lexington, Kentucky

Block Containing National Bank

Montreal, QC, Canada

Édifice Place Ville-Marie, Montréal

Place Ville Marie, Montréal (architects I.M. Pei, with Ray AFFLECK, 1958-65), was developed as an entire city block by CN Real Estate. It was a phased development. The first to be constructed (1958-63) was the cruciform (cross-shaped) 45-storey tower, commonly called the Royal Bank Building; its grand plaza and lower office buildings, designed by internationally famous US architect I.M. Pei, helped to set new standards for architecture in Canada in the 1960s.

San Jose, California

Santa Clara between 3rd and 4th

Boston, Massachusetts

101 Huntington Avenue

111 Huntington Ave

Fenway Park

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