e enjte, 7 shkurt 2008

Buildings uploaded for February 7, 2008

Here are the latest uploads to Google’s Cities in Development section of the 3D Warehouse since my last post.

Nuremberg, Germany

HDI Hochhaus I & II und Wöhrdersee Hotel Mercure

Der HDI Gebäudekomplex besteht aus zwei Bürotürmen. Der kleinere hat eine Höhe von 56m, der größere 64m. Daneben befindet sich das 4-Sterne-Hotel Wöhrdersee Mercure.

St. Lorenz Curch Nuremberg

The Lorenz church is the a bit younger and larger one of the two main twin churches St. Sebald and St. Lorenz in Nuremberg's Old-Town. It was built between 1250 and 1360 on the foundations of an earlier romanesque basilica. To the 2nd Half of the 15th Century, it was expanded several times. The towers rise about 81m into the sky. At the west side there is a large rosette window with appr. 10m diameter. In the World War II especially the roof was badly damaged. Inside there are numerous works of art. To emphasize are the angel's greeting by Veit Stoß and Katharienen-Altar by Michael Wolgemut.

Hohenschwangau, Baviera

Hotel Waldmann in Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany

Oldenburg, Germany

Pferdemarkt Oldenburg

Parano, Steakhouse, Havana Gebäude Oldenburg

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