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Buildings Uploaded on June 26, 2007

Linköping, Sweden

Linköping City Hall (stadshuset)

Built in 1864, and served from then until 1915 as a school. For a couple of years it huosed the Life Grenadier Regiment until it in 1921 became the City Hall.

Zarrentin am Schaalsee, Germany

Das Kloster von Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Die alte Apotheke von Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Sevilla, Spain

Edificio del BBVA

Audiencia de Sevilla

London, England

Tower 42, London

Facts- Tower 42 (then known as the NatWest Tower) was the tallest building in the United Kingdom for 10 years, from its completion in 1980 to the topping-out of One Canada Square in November 1990. - National Westminster Bank initially planned a tower of 137m (450ft), but after it retained Richard Seifert as chief architect in 1964 he submitted a preliminary design at 197m (647ft). The proposal called for demolition of two historic buildings - the City of London Club (1834) and the small National Provincial Bank. After prolonged investigation, in 1964 the Environmental Secretary upheld a preservation order on the banking hall, but permitted demolition of the City of London Club, and the tower's height was reduced to 183m (600ft). - On completion, Tower 42 was the world's tallest cantilevered building. - External cleaning of the building is provided in part by an automated mechanical cleaning system. - The three cantilevered sections hang from the building's central core and are asymmetrical in height.

1 Churchill Place, London

Built in 2004, 1 Churhcill Place in the 8th tallest building and the 7th tallest skyscraper in London standing at 156m tall (512ft). It is currently the world headquarters for Barclays bank. The building features a roof that is friendly to wildlife with grass and plants on the top to encourage bird life in particular around Canary Wharf.

Paris, France

Tour Vista, Puteaux

Lima, Peru

Edificio Sunad - Callao

located in chucuito, near to seaport of callao.

Faro del Darsena

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio branco 1

Igreja Candelaria

Chicago, Illinois

Navy Pier - Work in progress

Navy Pier has enjoyed a remarkable evolution. Originally designed for shipping and recreational purposes, the facility has evolved into a premiere entertainment center. It also provides state-of-the-art meeting space perfectly suited for small-to-medium sized trade shows. Come experience all that Navy Pier has to offer year-round!

20 North Michigan Avenue

This 8 story Building Stands across the street from Millennium Park on Michigan Avenue. Also comes with the subway station entance directly in front of the building.

6 North Michigan Avenue

Not quite the building it once was, Six North Michigan Avenue is still an essential part of Chicago's beloved Michigan Avenue cliff. At first glance it appears to be any of a dozen interchangeable buildings from the South Loop, but upon closer inspection, it has some merit. In spite of being more than one hundred years old, Six North Michigan retains some of its stately features. A tall central shaft with three columns of wide windows are flanked by two lesser wings of narrower windows. The arrangement fools the eye into thinking the north and south portions are set back from the main facade.

Los Angeles, California

Aon Center

Known as the United California Plaza for from 1974 to 1984, Known as the First Interstate Tower from 1984 to 1998, then known as 707 Wilshire from 1998 to 2003 for when the building had no logos atop at all, the Aon Center, like Many of Downtown's Skyscrapers, has had a long history of Name Changes. The tall slender tower is 858 feet high, 62 floors, and was California's tallest from 1974 to 1989, when the (then First Interstate World Center) US Bank Tower was completed. In May 1988, a fire swept through the 12th floor, destroying 5 floors, injuring 40, and unfortunantly killing 1. Today the Building's main tenants are Aon, and Wells Fargo. Designed by the Luckman Partnership, owned by the Transwestern Investment Company.

Buena Vista Plaza

A seven-story office building near the Buena Vista Branch Library in Burbank, California.

New York, New York

Bayonne Bridge

The steel arch bridge was completed in 1931 after three years of construction, and is designed by master architects Othmar Ammann and Cass Gilbert. The main span is 510 meters long and was the world's longest from the day of completion to 1977, when surpassed by New River Gorge Bridge. Currently Bayonne Bridge is the world's 3rd longest arch bridge. The deck is 46 meters above water level from the highest point and carries an average of 23,400 vehicles a day across the Kill Van Kull strait. In this model, the number of support columns on the approach ramps is reduced to half of the original number, to simplify the already complex model.

Henry Hudson Bridge

The steel arch bridge was designed by David B. Steinman and was completed in 1936. It spans 256 meters long over Spuyten Duyvil Creek on the norhern tip of Manhattan island. Second deck was added in 1938. The upper deck carries three road lanes northbound and the lower deck four lanes southbound. Total traffic per day is about 68,000 vehicles.

Millennium Point - New-York

Description - The building opened in February 2002. It was scheduled to open in October 2001, but this was delayed by the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. - Millennium Point is located on the northern edge of Battery Park. - The entire structure rests on six hundred 200-ton piles, which extend through fill and bear directly on the bedrock. - New York's Skyscraper Museum occupies a small space on the first floor of the building. - A restaurant is located on the 14th floor. - Millennium Point contains the Ritz-Carlton Downtown, one of New York's five-star hotels. - The building was conspicuous to New Yorkers during its construction when a "Go Yankees!" banner hung high on the metal frame during major league baseball's Subway Series in 2000.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Clear Spirit Condominiums

Clear Spirit Condominiums is a high-rise residential community to be developed in Toronto's historic Distillery District. Designed by architectsAlliance

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