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Buildings uploaded on June 24th

Here are the SketchUp Buildings that have been uploaded since last post.

First up...

Istanbul, Turkey

Maslak Park Plaza

Garanti Plaza

Oyak Bank Building

USO Center

Now we have Tuebingen, Germany.

Virtual Tuebingen, Marktgasse

This is one street of the old town center of Tuebingen, BW, Germany

Virtual Tuebingen, Marktplatz

This is the marketplace with townhall of the old town center of Tuebingen, BW, Germany

Virtual Tuebingen, Rathausgasse

This is one street of the old town center of Tuebingen, BW, Germany

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Witte De With, Rotterdam

Witte de With is a 20 story multi-functional building belonging to Stichting Humanitas, with appartments, and health, social and personal care facilities. Various services are available for residents and visitors: medical care-at-home, day-care, hospital-hotel for short stays, personal alarm service, meals frozen and warm, hair- pedicure- and beautysalon etc. There is also a school in the building. Witte De With has been fully occupied since 2005.

Europoint towers

Europoint towers II, III and IV.

Barcelona Spain

Macba Museo Arte Contemporaneo BArcelona

It was designed by Richard Meier & Partners (1987-1995). The building’s architectural style has strong references to Modernism. This large (120 by 35 metres) white building has much of its southern elevation glazed, providing the visitor with views across the plaza, and allowing natural light into the interior.

Hamburg Germany

3dHH-Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Lima, Peru

edificios en el golf

4 edificios en el golf

3 edificios en el golf

Santiago Chile

Univercidad de Chile

Palacio de la Moneda

Rio de Janeiro, Argentina

Igreja Candelaria

São Paulo, Brazil

Banco Safra

St Petersburg,Florida

City Block / 1st Ave N / 3rd St N / Central Ave / 4th St N

CAC-Campus Activity Center


This Recreation/student function facility houses a large multi purpose space, the campus Fitness Center, racketball court and student government offices.

RHO-Residence Hall One

This is USF St. Petersburg's first on-campus residence hall for 354 students on seven floors of apartment living. It opened for the first group of residents in the Fall of 2006

FPF-Fifth Avenue Parking Facility

Over 1,160 new parking spaces were provided in this parking structure to accommodate the new Residence Hall, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and the loss of a number of surface parking lots. This new parking facility also provides for the University Police offices and leaseable commercial space on the ground level.

FCT-Florida Center for Teachers

Graphics Design, Journalism and Mass Media conduct programs in this faculty office, classroom and computer lab facility. The Florida Humanities Council has their offices here and conducts their Florida Center for Teachers program within the facility.

ONE-One 5th Avenue South Building

Development Services, the College of Arts & Sciences faculty and the Family Study Center have offices inside this facility.

San Jose, CA

Knight Ridder Building

17 story office building in San Jose. At one time was owned by the defunct Knight Ridder Inc, the #2 newspaper publisher in the US.

Houston, TX

One Park Place

One Park Place will reach 501 feet at completion and will face Discovery Green in Downtown Houston.

Toronto, Canada


mintoSkyy is a high-rise residential development at the intersection of Broadview Avenue and Pottery Road in Toronto. Developed by Minto.

Pacific Mall

Pacific Mall is located at the intersection of Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue in the Town of Markham. It is the largest Chinese-themed indoor mall in the Greater Toronto Area.

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